KVM vs. Terminal Service.

August 30th, 2005 § 4 comments § permalink

“Mon Aug 22 00:00:55 2005 [00:01]: “haha, I am a genius by proxy” -James
-Very true, but only sometimes.

So I was trying to look up how to get all my computers to have one local keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Logically, I decide to look for a KVM. With a little (I mean very little, haha) help from Vik, he tells me to use terminal services.

IT IS DONE! One keyboard, monitor, mouse controlling a desktop, laptop, and tablet. I never knew I could have so much space on my desk! Now all I need is some sleep.

UH Horror Story.

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So we were heading back from McDonald’s to get a parking spot in the Stadium area at UH. I pull into the parking lot 15D and see a yellow IS300’s brake lights on in the first row. I claim it! (Hoping it’s leaving…)

As it’s pulling out, KABOOM, well more like a PLOP, half the driver side’s front tire falls into the ground. I’m in a state of shock! I had NO clue WTF just happened. Reality kicks in and I hop out of the car. There is no way this car is going to be able to pull out of this pot hole.

So I help her out and her hooked up with the UH Parking & Transportation people. I just hope everything worked out for her. UH had BETTER shell out some money to fix that car. This in no way is her fault or her to blame…its ALL UH’s. The pot hole was in the middle of the spot, and you have to turn the wheel to get out because people parked along the curb, illegally.


P.S. Google Talk Beta 1.0

This weekend was awesome.

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From the time I hit the humidity to today, the entire weekend was awesome. I even got $50 off my camera and $50 gift card to Wolf Camera!

Now it’s time to prepare for school, the last semester of my undergraduate life.

P.S. Sidewalk art

What a Rebel…

August 18th, 2005 § 0 comments § permalink

So the Canon Rebel XT is hot. I haven’t done any real photography before, just point n shoots. It’s a big change, learning about ISO, aperture, shutter speeds, flash, combos, etc.

So here are some that turned out good:

P.S. All those who go to University of Houston, Main Campus: “Students also have the right to examine student evaluations for every class offered. The evaluations are on file in the M.D. Anderson Library.” (Thanks James!)

Another Civic?

August 8th, 2005 § 1 comment § permalink

I’m keeping my eye out on the new Si. I’m hoping things work out so I can pick one up toward the end of the year. Please get a job. Please let the real one look Si-milar!

P.S. AIM Fight.

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