I’m so glad this week is over.

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I just want to say good luck to everyone who interviewed!

(Brother Nguyen, this is why I wasn’t able to post.) This week was completely put me out of whack! First off, we didn’t even win ONE SINGLE game in the World Series, and not only that, we had so many chances to pull through, but we didn’t complete plays. ARGH!

MONDAY: SAB meeting in the morning, Chevron Interview and an Exam in Multimedia that lasted until midnight.
TUESDAY: Recovery, work and 2AM outing at BW3’s to watch our Astros lose.
WEDNESDAY: Bauer Career Fair and the last disappointment for our Astros.
THURSDAY: Work and JPMorganChase Info Session.
FRIDAY: USAA Interview, CS Faculty meeting, JPMorganChase Interview and later on tonight is Sohel’s birthday dinner.

Sample Interview Questions that threw me OFF:
-So if int x = 2 and int y = 3, how do you swap them with out using a temp variable or methods like the swap fuction.
-So how many stop signs are there in Houston?
-What is unicode?
-What type of UML do you know?

Sample Interview Questions that I KILLED:
-What is loyalty?
-What leadership roles have you taken?
-What are some problems you’ve encountered and how did you overcome them?
-Who is the author of Pragmatic Programmer?
-Describe to me a time when you had to convince someone to do something they were initally opposed to, but later you were able to sway their position.
-Why do you want to work for us?
-Where do you see yourself in 2-3 years?
-How long would it take for you to be comfortable to lead a $10,000,000 project?
-What is your best quality?
-How are you with handling many things at once?
-Why don’t you want to work for PepsiCo?
-What is Agile Development?
-So draw me what a doubly linked list looks like.
-Draw me what a binary tree looks like. Now what is the Big O if I wanted to search it?

World Series, here we come!

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There aren’t any words that can describe my feelings right now about the Astros. We have persistence, adversity, and the pennant. Monday night’s game at home was quite a disappointment, but last night’s game made up for everything!

Some friends and I hit up Fox Sports Grill in the Galleria and it was free beers all night long. I even won a t-shirt! After we kicked ass, we headed to downtown’s chaotic scenery: traffic jam, our own parade, screaming, honking, yelling, dancing, burning out, and just pure joy. You can see it in everyone’s faces: ASTROS WON!. We went to some irish pub with a $5 cover and even MORE free beer.

Last night was the best night in Astros’ history. NDS to the NLCS, and now our peek at the World Series. GO ASTROS!

(Burn a pair of white sox before each World Series game!!!)

Checkout the *.resx file.

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But the only way you’ll be able to do this is if it was checked-in in the first place!

Background: So I checked out the entire ASP.NET/C# solution and related files in the repository and open it. It all seems to be working just fine until I hit an *.aspx code behind page. At first look, the code has syntax higlighting, and as soon as I begin to type “System.” no Intellisense shows up and the entire *.cs page goes to black text, UH OH. Obvious solution, CTRL+Z. More problems, VS throws an unknown error!

Any how, after trying to repair VS.NET, reinstalling it, and finally just creating a new *.aspx page to begin finding the problem, a *.resx file is created. All the *.aspx pages I checked out had NO *.resx files associated with them!

It’s ok, I’ve found a temporary solution, but I’m not sure if it’s safe to do. Please let me know if there is a SAFE way to regenerate the *.resx files!

untitled untitled2
No syntax highlighting?! OMG an unknown VS.NET Error!

1, 2, 3, or 4?

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KVM is the solution. Remote Desktop didn’t work as I expected. There was always a delay and I had a problem connecting to one stingy laptop. I picked up a KVM Extreme Miniview 4 Port KVMP Switch at Altex on the way home. It was a present for myself for having a really good interview with Objective Advantage today.

By the way, the interview went great! The President interviewed me and his name was also Thomas. When he asked “If you were me, why should I hire you?”, my response was “Because my name is Thomas.” Haha, then I got down to the nitty gritty. He was a really cool guy and asked lots of stuff about working on teams, managing, design patterns, and testing.

C# and C++.

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So I’ve been doing C# for a while. This ACM competition we’re practicing for is AWESOME, but it’s in C++!

C# babys programmers and abstracts the really hardcore stuff away from the users, which is good, but it has version 2.0 coming out and the version 3.0 features are already being published.

C++ doesn’t have a version 2 coming out, so we can all go to http://www.cplusplus.com which won’t be changing in the near future, or even at all, and get all the references we need.

Which to pick? BOTH. You gotta know the both, not one or the other…BOTH: TWO, DOS, DEAUX, HAI, 2, 10!!! Time to open up those old school C++ books.

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