Joseph studies too hard…

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…or does he?

This series stars him studying statistics from 7:48 AM to 10:19 AM at Starbucks. I was working during that time.

Joseph Sleeping... Joseph Sleeping... Joseph Sleeping... Joseph Sleeping... Joseph Sleeping...
Joseph Sleeping... Joseph Sleeping... Joseph Sleeping... Joseph Sleeping...

Nubia Photography Models.

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Me in the background!
Harold and Kumar

Source: Nubia Photography

Once again, congratuations to Jessica and Daniel!

Black Friday is OVER!

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12:00 AM campout at West Oaks Best Buy with Joseph, Sophia, and Solomon.
What I got!
-1 GB CF Sandisk for 29.99!
-512 MB Sandisk memory stick pro for 19.99!
-Call of Duty 2 for 24.99!
-Battery back up thing for my mom for 39.99!

After Best Buy, we hit Kohl’s.
-19.99 New Balance running shoes!

After Kohl’s, we hit Joseph and Sophia’s place to crash…WHAT A NIGHT!

I’m Really Offended!!!

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So a few weeks ago I get an email from Mr. XYZ about an opportunity for Shey and I to work on an ecommerce project. GOOD STUFF! It’s a php/mysql/css website using oscommerce as the starting point. The original deadline was 10/31/2005. We respond quickly and wait…and wait.

So a few days go by and and so does the deadline. While I’m at the MFAH for my Art History paper last week, I get a call from him to see if we are still available, and indeed we were. I made plans to meet up with him on the weekend and he would get back to me. So again, I wait…and wait.

He calls tonight and asks if I’m free and can get to a computer. So I do it. He knows about projects I’ve worked on and has my resume. He asks if I use AIM or YIM, and of course I do, but I’m not about to mix my social life with work! I ask him to email me and he tells me email is slow, very ineffective, and goes on with this speech about why I should get YIM so he can send me some links. I tell him to email them to me, but he still insists on Instant Messaging me!

I ask him what site he wants me to visit and he response was something like…”I want to see if you can read data from this database.” WOW! A test? Is he serious? READ DATA FROM A DATABASE?

I let him know things between him and I probably won’t work out. I was and still am very offended by this. Is it me or was what he did very outrageous and ridiculous?

Space + Time > DVD?

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My HDD = 179 GB
My Music = 26.8 GB
30 minute show = 1.65 GB
(1.65 GB) * (70) = 115.5 GB
26.8 GB + 115.5 + (OS/applications/data/etc.) = 173 GB

30 minute show = 30 minutes to convert (DVR 2 WMV)
(70 shows) * (30 minutes to convert) = 35 hours (at 90%+ CPU usage!!!)

The Solution?
After this, I’ll need to edit out the commercials, then back them up! OMG, I’m just going to BUY the DVDs…or will I?

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