Loans Replace Scholarships?!

January 25th, 2006 § 2 comments § permalink

I found out where my money went!!!

I received the Academic Merit Scholarhip when starting at UH. It was supposed to last me 4 years (8 semesters). I graduated in 9 semesters…WHOOT! I was able to handle the tuition for the first 6 semesters and got a Stafford Loan for the next 2 (the 9th semester I could handle).

Anyways, the fee bill says I received the scholarship for only 6 semesters and my last 2 semesters I got a Loan, where UH decided to take away my scholarship! I don’t know how that happened, but I’m really pissed off and I really need to go find my money.

Make sure you check up on ALL OF YOUR FEE BILLS! If universities hired a third party company to handle the paperwork things would be loads smoother. The workers are freaking lazy and always upset for some reason.

Importance of Design Patterns.

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I got called up for another interview today, but not to get a job. (As some of you know, I’ll be working for JPMC!) They want to know if I fit a postition they are looking to fill. It started off with me basically giving them a run down of my resume (they didn’t have it) and ended up with a long talk about design patterns.

I suggest everyone, especially those who are about to graduate or just graduate to read up on Design Patterns. Of the 23 mentioned in the book, I know 1: Singleton; enough said. I really suggest anyone doing OOP to read, learn, and apply these design patterns. Maybe not all, but a few, and most definately not just one like me.

Good Articles Today
I found a bunch of really good articles today on my bloglines subscriptions:
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3. The best time to buy everything

[Gadgets] – you know, my birthday is coming up!
1. Canon’s Latest DSLR Powerhouse Camera (haha)
2. T-Mobile MDA vs. T-Mobile SDA (MDA > SDA)

Get Your OWN Domain.

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Also, make sure you OWN the domain as well. I’m in Dallas working on a project with my previous employer for a few days. We just encountered some crazy things this morning on domain name ownership and expiration, yes…expiration.

Company [A]: Us, the current developers. We do the magic.
Company [B]: Them, the clients. They have the deep pockets.
Company [C]: Old developers. They don’t do the magic.
Company [D]: Domain name guys. They do what their title says.

Here’s the deal: A few months ago, [B] told [C] to renew their domain account. [A] found out around 3 AM this morning that the domain for [B] expired while he was working. (Yes, [A] works many hours, sleeping but a handful of hours a day.) [A] contacts [C] about the issue and calls up [D] to find they are on the west coast and have office hours starting at 9 AM, PST. [A] is still waiting for a response.

Lesson learned? If you’re working on a project, either as a developer or client, own your own domain. Make sure you get the clients to understand why this is important to avoid the above situation. It may be trivial to some, but make sure you OWN your domain!

Dallas: Delayed.

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So I pack everything, grab a cup of coffee, and head out. I call my boss and let him know I’m going up and where I should stay…no answer. A few minutes later he calls me back:

Boss: Where are you?
Me: I just left my house, I’ll be up in Dallas in about 4 hours.
Boss: What the hell, stay home.
Me: But I’ll be there in like…4 hours
Boss: If you come tonight, I’m not paying for the hotel
Me: I can make it man! I’ll be able to work in the morning.
Boss: Come in the morning, man.
Me: OK. See you in the morning.

One word: AWESOME. A boss who cares is a good boss. Now its time for some good old rest. I’ll head out around 4 or 5 AM. I hope I don’t hit Dallas traffic, EEEK!

Finally, an Update.

January 17th, 2006 § 1 comment § permalink

School is over and done with. Undergraduate LIFE is over and done with. PepsiCo work is over and done with. So what do I do? Find work to do so I don’t get bored. I can’t sit still; I always have to be doing something; I just hate being bored.

Here’s what’s on my plate for the next few weeks before I start at JPMC:
1. I’ll be finishing up a long awaited project tomorrow! YAY! That is, if there are no updates, maintenance, etc.
2. I’ll be heading up to Dallas tomorrow night through Friday for a crunch my old boss needs me on. It’ll be fun: SUSHI, STARBUCKS, and SOUPER SALAD!!!
3. I’ll then be back in Houston for a few days of other side projects.

I really need to pace myself. It’s all catching up to me and I should make sure I don’t burn myself out.

(Oh yeah, and aggressive deadlines suck a lot.)

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