I’m Moving.

February 26th, 2006 § 1 comment § permalink

My blog will be here starting March 1, 2006. I’ll start using Google Analytics to track my pages. Hopefully I won’t have to copy/paste the script EVERYTIME I post. There should be something I can do in the templates.

Meanwhile, I’ll be redoing my website…yet again.

Right Tool for the Right Job.

February 25th, 2006 § 1 comment § permalink

We have been working on a (.NET, C#) project (yes, believe it or not we still are) and ran into something about ExecuteScalar and ExecuteNonQuery. We needed to know when to use each. I just got an article today that explains what to do and what not to do. Simple? Yes. Common knowledge? Well, we did have to research it.

“Use ExecuteScalar to execute a query to return a single scalar value and use ExecuteNonQuery to execute an action query and return no values.” –John.Papa (from CodeBetter.com).

As for Eclipse, since VS2003 doesn’t have refactoring tools, I found this site. It gets you started on Eclipse without the hassle of re-learning the basic concepts of programming. Refactoring tools are sweet. I wish VS2003 had it. Development would have gone so much smoother for simple mindless tasks like renaming.

I’m creating a project with various samples on how to use the refactoring tools while I learn what push down, pull up, etc. are. I’ll zip and post it somewhere.

UH Cougar Basketball.

February 19th, 2006 § 0 comments § permalink

We’re awesome this year. I never really paid attention until I heard we were 17-6 (7-3; C-USA) and we were on a 7 game winning streak. After tonight’s game, were are 18-6 (8-3 ; C-USA) and on a EIGHT game winning streak!

The next home game is Wednesday, March 1 against RICE. Their record is currently 11-13 (5-6 C-USA). Saturday, March 4, we play at Memphis (#3)!


VS .NET versus Eclipse.

February 16th, 2006 § 1 comment § permalink

Visual Studio .NET 2003 versus Eclipse 1.3.1 (Web Tools Platform).

So, even though I only have a few days (7 workings days to be exact) with Eclipse, there are already a few of things I wish Visual Studio could do.
1. CTRL + mouse click to get to the variable/function/etc. declaration.
2. Very lightweight. I can get it all setup within a half hour time frame; from download (on broadband) to installation and to starting it up. None of that 3 hour thing.
3. ECLIPSE IS FREE. Yeah, you can’t beat that price.

Now here are a few things VS .NET can do I wish Eclipse could do.
1. Better folder/project/solution/workspace. Although Eclipse allows more flexiblity (Sohel says so), starting off with Eclipse is much more difficult to manage. As they say, with great powers come great responsibility (go Spider-Man!). As of now, I obviously have little responsibilities…sigh.
2. GUI/Web projects are already integrated with Visual Studio, even though there is a lot of room for improvement.
3. Debugging is far superior than Eclipse.

Let me know if I have any false impressions of either application. I need to know the best and most efficient method of programming whether I’m using Eclipse OR Visual Studio .NET 2003.

On another note, my new graphics card (sorry Long, I didn’t want to cancel and wait even longer for it to come in!) is ALMOST here. It just arrived in Houston! Too bad PackageMapper doesn’t track UPS shipments anymore. =(

Java/Eclipse and METRO.

February 9th, 2006 § 3 comments § permalink

So I’ve downloaded and installed Eclipse 3.1.2 and JDK (1.)5.0. I’m learning the basics: threads, collections, exceptions, and i/o from the Sun tutorials. What I need is a small project that uses all the above concepts as well as XML (FpML), both reading and writing.

Maybe a RSS reader? (YES, again…) I’m not sure. Let me know if you have some ideas of small project(s) to work on to learn Java/Eclipse.

I’ll also need to learn to use some magic (but have no resources for), like: Hibernate and Swing.

On another note, I just bought a bus pass and I’ll be riding the METRO everyday. Here is some math:

METRO $ per trip $ per day $ per week $ per year $ per month
Normal 3.00 6.00 30.00 1,560.00 130.00
Discount* 2.43 4.86 24.32 1,264.86 105.40

*$75 worth $92.50

MPG 25 30 35
miles/trip 21.6 21.6 21.6
miles/day 43.2 43.2 43.2
gallons/day 1.72 1.44 1.23
$ per gallon 2.18 2.18 2.18
$ per day 3.76 3.13 2.69

Bottom line: I’ll be saving ~$1.27 per day plus all that time NOT driving well spent on book.

P.S. Shawshank Redemption is awesome. “I hope” you find it as good as I do.

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