Hard Drive Died, BOO.

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I back up at the beginning of every month to my external hard drive. Today is the 29th and I had 2 more days until my next backup. Unfortunately, I lost everything that happened over this month. I really should start using Subversion to backup my local files onto a separate hard drive.

It’s Memorial Day, good thing Best Buy is open.

Disappointment X 3.

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Disappointment TIMES THREE. I’m not going to ruin the movie for you. I’m not going to tell you what happens and what doesn’t happen. I’ll just tell you X3 was such a disappointment.

If anyone has or knows where I can get the original X-Men comics/cartoons, please send them my way. Those were the good times.

*Work is going great now! All I had to do was sit down and explain everything I did to ensure that knowledge transfer was a success. I had to prove that I did my job, not by the results, but by being able to list all classes/files I changed as well as what I changed. (JUST A THOUGHT: I guess I’m the new guy. I have to prove myself. Not a problem and fair enough.)

My Contribution to BBOM, Boo.

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//Big Ball of Mud Pattern
Deadlines are more important than good & solid code. I found myself between a rock and a hard place. I guess to keep your job, you just have to do what works as opposed to doing it right. It’s sad, but you just have to do what the business wants, even if you know it’s not what’s best for them.

private void setMenuHeadHTML(UserProfile userProfile) {

bigMoStringBuffer = bigMoStringBuffer.append( DisplayElementHome.getNEW_LINE() + “<script language=\”JavaScript\” type=\”text/javascript\” src=\”http://[server-port]/[blah1]/com/[blah2]/treasury/client/javascript/sniffer.js\”>” ) ;


private void setMenuHeadHTMLForASP(UserProfile userProfile) {


TheDailyWTF: My Turn.

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Lotus Notes is awesome! Take a look at it’s features:
Lotus Notes - buggy.

I was adding a button to the email and I wanted to edit it. I right click it and I see nothing to edit it, just the normal options you have for any object/text in emails. So I ask around…you have to right click it at the EDGE of the button, away from the text in the button to enable the right options to edit it. I was creating a meeting and I wanted to set an alarm 30 minutes before the actual event…

Oh yeah, and Lotus Notes doesn’t have flags…BOO.

Diamond in the Rough.

May 9th, 2006 § 0 comments § permalink

The Rough, first:
-Separating ownership of development boxes from the developers and the “infrastructure*” gives me headaches.
-Misspelling variables. “VERYIFY = true;”

The Diamonds:
Vikram: this is not good, im falling asleep
Thomas: haah slap yourself.
Thomas: then say “bitch wake the fuck UUUUUUUUUUP!”
Vikram: LOL, do i look like Sohel?

*infrastructure: The group that owns the server which is in London and is 6 hours ahead of us. The group who maintains the application passwords, configuration and setup. The group who we have until 11AM our time to contact if ANYTHING should be changed, updated or added.

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