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Sohel has his own language. You must know him to understand the full meaning behind what he says. Here’s an example:

[09:05] s0hel01: im tom.
He wishes to be like me, but he is unable to handle the awesomeness.

[09:05] s0hel01: im a loser.
He recognizes what he really is.

[09:05] s0hel01: cant touch this.
He wishes to be like Michael Jackson MC Hammer. (WTF was I thinking? Stupid mornings)

MySpace Stupidity.

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MySpace seems to be a breeding ground for stupid people. Not to say those who have an account are stupid, I even have one. I just don’t go around looking for strangers-turned-friends and actually trying to meet up with them.
1. Man gets robbed by girls met on MySpace.
2. Girls gets assaulted by MySpace friend, then tries to sue MySpace.
3. Teen flies to Jordan to see possible future MySpace mate.
4. Cop fired for MySpace profile

When does the stupidity stop? The Internet has completely broken the boundaries of social networking, real-life social networking. Plus, how the hell can you dupe your parents into flying across the country? Stupid parents.

My FIRST Production Release!

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This is my first ‘real’ project and just went into production* this morning. The only code issue we ran into was a file. There’s a big difference between how it handles forward slashes (“/”) and backward slashes (“\”).

<param name=”File” value=”E:\WAS_Logs\projectName\treasury.log”>
<param name=”File” value=”E:/WAS_Logs/projectName/treasury.log”>

The first is wrong. the \W, \I, and \t (tab) was completely ignored by log4j. The second is how it should be done!

Why did this happen? I was copying and pasting file path from Windows Explorer. IT ALWAYS USES A BACKSLASH! Not to blame it; I simply should have been more careful.

*production: real world, real users, real life.

Awesome Way to Start My Weekend.

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01:00 PM – Installation of 8 pieces (software only, no code) of the project begin.
08:30 PM – 2 of the 8 pieces are done.

07:00 AM – 3 of the 8 pieces are done.
08:00 AM – The guy leaves, tells no one to go home and sleep.
01:00 PM – The guy is supposed to return.

Will update later today…

Vaious Types of Comedy.

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I’ve been listening to Shoutcast on Winamp. After finding a few comedy stations, I wonder how some comedians have made it to where they are.

I can’t follow it. Short and sweet.
-David Cross – Shut up, you fucking baby!

I fall asleep.
-Dennis Miller – Violence in Media

Trying to make me laugh while you’re screaming and complaining about a subject isn’t funny to me. I like stories. Real or made up, funny nevertheless.
-George Carlin

[SONGS], some of them
-Stephen Lynch – Beelz

-Margaret Cho
-Dane Cook

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