Rain, Rain Go Away.

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So I’m working to finish up some final documentation details and test evidence for submitting my enhancements to a project and Joseph decides to bother me. Good thing our Corporate Messaging system allows me to set myself as Do Not Disturb. I get to go heads down for about 10 minutes when the phone rings. Who else but Joseph. I pick up the phone semi-pissed.

“There’s a waterfall over here,” he says. I’m hesitant to believe, but eventually take a look. You’ll never guess…Joseph wasn’t joking. Water was kind of dripping from the ceiling. So I come over to investigate and get some laughs in. By the time I get to the waterfall source (maybe 30-40 yards away)…water is POURING on the desks, monitors, floors, etc. but that’s not it…

I walk over the “Mission Control” center, where time sensitive and priority one issues are raised, and find all the lights, monitors, and computers OFF. It looked like someone opened two firehoses above the ceiling and opened the valve!

I walk over to the hallway and toward the stairs to find there’s a river in the stairwell. On my way back, I pass a door that opens and inside I see 2-3 guys freaking out. WHY? That’s the room where all the switches are. Not one rack, but about 4-5 of them and water is POURING all over them.

Good thing, if it is such a thing, this was isolated to only 1/4 of our floor. Before I leave, there are huge plastic bags covering a few monitors and desk as a preventative measure.

It’s only 3 PM so our ENTIRE floor retreats. A few horrible camera phone pictures to come (I apologize for using them, but it’s all I got on me).

Joseph and I got to go home after we moved a bunch of equipment out of the line of fire water. The IT guys are going to have a ball figuring out whose computer belongs to whom. We might not go to work tomorrow since there are only a few available machines on other floors.

Where Are The Breakers?! It's Getting Closer to the Outlets Indoor Water Puddle.

Best Sports Weekend EVER.

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Saturday: UH beat OSU.
Sunday: Astros swept Cardinals.

I was lucky enough to attend both games! We walked away from the UH game with pride, joy, and a soaked attire. I even found $5.00 in the parking lot! We walked away from the Astros game with a rally rag, free ticket to next year’s game, and a souvenir cup.

What a weekend!

(I’ll add pictures when I get a chance.)


TOOT TOOT! Lights Warming Up. Haha, FOWL. Astros Warming Up. The Line Up.
Roger Warming Up. Rally Rags! The Rocket. The Rockettes! Feels Good to Win.

The Win, The Rain, and the Rush.

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Big 12, haha…

Yesterday was probably guaranteed to be the BEST college game I’ve EVER been to! OSU at Houston. Vikram, Marie, Long, and Jay (according to Vikram is always “my friend”; dammit Vik, I know Jay! haha) had the best time of our lives.

Rain came down, we rushed the field. What an amazing sight.

FInal Score. Rush the Field VOTF WE WIN!

Our Record: 4-0
The Score: 34-25


DUE, Where Do We Draw the Line?

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DUE: Dumb User Error.

The best part about my web development projects is seeing the results immediately. It’s refreshing to see my changes updated as soon as I submit them, in my case, upload them to production.

One down side about some side projects is the audience. As a developer, we think as a developer and it can hurt us when we leave the technically unsaavy out of the picture. Where is should we draw the line for the Internet, even computer illiterate?

Case 1: “When I click it, should I save it or open it?” (When clicking a *.doc, *.zip, etc.)
Case 2: “I also get an advertisement for WinZip or no response at all. Please let’s get this fixed. Thanks for your help.” (When clicking a *.zip file.)
Case 3: “Yeah, it could get confusing when someone doesn’t know the difference between the arrow and the hand.” (When rolling over a link.)

How do you address these “issues” users are having? I can’t write a how to for everything on the website! Is there a manual out there for completely new users to the Internet?

Application Rewrite.

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Remember the BBOM project? They’re talking about letting me rewrite it. Finally a project where I can use tools I like: Subversion, CruiseControl, Ant, Hibernate, WebWork, Selenium, and possibly more. AWESOME.

I’m not sure where this will go or even if I will be able to do this rewrite. Either way, mocking up small projects to learn about these tools is good enough for me. I have to be able to prove to others that the tools I’ll be using is beneficial to the team. I think they are, hopefully I can make a good presentation about these tools.

If you have any suggestions on how I can convince my team and manager, let me know.

(SHEY, you happy?!)

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