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Scope of the change
StatusType getDRESS_REHEARSAL() {
return(StatusType) get(“DRESS_REHEARSAL”, new StatusType());

StatusType getDRESS_REHEARSAL() {
return(StatusType) get(“DISASTER_RECOVERY”, new StatusType());

Please ignore the method name, it still remains. It’s everywhere in the code. Remember, this is the BBOM project. =)

Business case: Dress Rehearsal means nothing to the investment bank. The original developer misinterpreted this text and so my job was to fix it. Easy change. One line of code after digging around the code, seriously digging.

Documents I had to fill out in order to get this approved, signed off, and put in production:
Project Initiation Form (PIF)*
Impact Analysis
Code and Unit Test*
System Integration Test*
Quality Assurance Test
User Acceptance Test* (3 Regions: Evidence and Signoff)
Implementation Plan
Permit to Operate*

*Requires approval or signoff.

How much is too much documentation and processes?

Geeky Road Trip.

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Our proxy destination: Oklahoma City.
Our final destination: Tulsa.

Despite the fact that UH beat up on OSU, we still went to the Tulsa Tech Fest on the OSU satelite campus in Tulsa.

So Friday after work, we took off to OKC. Yes, it was Friday the 13th and the date was 10/13/2006 –> 1 + 0 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 6 = 13. Talk about a double whammy! We got there, chilled out with the Stein and headed off to Tulsa in the morning.

What an awesome event! I hope they have another one, but closer to Houston next year. It was just the three of us, when we bumped into Ben. What a really weird place to bump into someone.

The drive home Sunday was not fun. Clouds, rain, and wind followed us all the way home. It even rained all day today.

Enjoy a few pictures of David’s Bachelor Pad:

Drink of the Day. [Read Label.] David and Joseph. David's Shot Glass Collection. David's Porch.
Ahh, Memories... David's Pin Collection. David's Fan. David's Closet. David's Hat.
Awesome Stamps.

BestBuy Loves Microsoft!

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Yesterday, I was checking up prices and preordering for Battlefield 2142 and first place I go is Best Buy and their site is “under construction”:

BestBuy Under Construction Page.

I enter my zip code and press Go. This is where I get redirected:

BestBuy Zip Code Submit Page.

AWESOME. I dig around the source code:

<form name=“zip_postal” method=“GET” action=“”>

Awesome. Where does take you? Find out.

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