Microsoft Vista and Office 2007.

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Last night’s email…

“Post the link to this video for a little bit of fun and a link for this incredible, limited time offer. Microsoft is going to go public with this in a bigger way Tuesday evening so here’s your chance to let people know about it early… plus, the video is just cool, in a *very* weird sort of way. (We’re using youtube… owned by Google to spread the word about Office and Vista… now that’s funny)” -C. Jenkins, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft.

It’s weird. I don’t know what to say about it, but I am ready for them. Yes, 4:40 AM post…I couldn’t sleep for some reason.

nikeplus is Awesome.

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I finally brought myself to buy an iPod a few weeks ago for working out. It’s way better than lugging around a clunky Sony 60 GB HDD. Nike + iPod is probably one of the greatest ideas ever. Giving me the ability to check out my workouts is sweet! Thanks Marie!


Sallie Mae Doesn’t Like Students.

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I took out my first loan for my last semester in College. (numbers are just made up, but reflect a similar situation.)

Principle Interest What I Paid
Initial Loan $5,000.00 N/A N/A
First Statement $5,000.00 $350.00 $2,000.00
Second Statement $3,350.00 $200.00 $3,550.00
Third Statement $70.00 N/A WTF?!

Ok, maybe the interest accrued over time goes toward the principle…understandable.
Or, maybe there’s a penalty for paying all of it early…understandable.

BUT…Before I made my second payment in full, called up Sallie Mae to ask that if I paid ALL of it, I’d be done. The guy said yes, the next thing I should be receiving is a statement that my account will be closed since I paid in FULL.

Thanks Ahead of Time, Spoofee.

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Spoofee is great! Who can I shoot? is shooting out bungee rockets!

Here’s how to get one!
1. If you are not a member of our forums, sign up (it’s free)

2. Blog or even Vlog (For Vlog’s we’ll throw in a magnet) about how great Spoofee is. A blog is a website where entries are made in journal style (Xanga, Blogger, LiveJournal, Friendster, FaceBook, Myspace, etc.)

3. PM (private message) Spoofee through the forums with the following to get one mailed to you.

– address of your blog/vlog
– Your Address (Where to ship the bungee rocket)

4. Allow 1-6 weeks for your bungee rocket to arrive!

Disclaimer : is not responsible for accidents caused by the bungee rocket. Please play safe

Production Release ETA: TBA.

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To fully release a project, it takes…

[Development Environment] – Less than ten minutes
-Developers build and package our EAR (Java and JSPs) and ZIP (ASPs)
-Developers copy it over to the dev box, install and deploy it.

[User Acceptance Test Environment] – Less than one hour
-Developers provide a label (ClearCase) to the “packagers” and they do the packaging
-Windows team stops IIS to allow installation to go through
-“Packagers” install the application
-Windows team starts up IIS again
-WebSphere team then deploys it.

[Production Environment] – Over 12 hours today
-Its all the same as UAT, but for real.

So what happened?
-Two hours to contact the guy who was critical to the release.
-Six hour delay for that guy to come in the office.
-Calling lots of people to fix things that really weren’t broken.
-Verifying WebSphere was not the problem.
-Verifying IIS was not the problem.
-Determined the issue was a plugin for IIS and WebSphere to communicate.
-Found out it really wasn’t an issue, but since it was already “fixed” to leave it that way and just document it.

Once this rewrite is done, everything will then be in done in Houston! We all can’t wait.

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