Provided, Potluck Or Pay Up.

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It’s almost food-time for the holidays. Parties are coming up and the question arises…

“What do you want me to bring?”

A. Provided: The host takes care of it all (food, drinks, fun).
B. Potluck: The host takes care of the fun, and possibly drinks. Obviously food is provided by all the attendees.
C. Pay Up: It’s like A, but charge the attendees a nominal fee to cover costs.

What are the consequences of each? Discuss.

It’s Holiday Season!

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Happy Holidays everyone. Its a good time of year to relax. To fulfill this, today is my last day at work until next year! It’s a little weird to, but I’m a little conflicted with this. The project I’ve always wanted is now in my lap and working on it’s really awesome. I’m a little upset that I’m going on vacation, I REALLY want to keep working on it! Nevertheless, the break will give me time to learn more patterns, OOP, and web development. So hopefully, when I get back, I’ll be prepared to get back on it.

I got my early XMAS gift from flickr!
Anyone who’s cool will help me with my wishlist , haha…

On a side note, get Sohel deodorant for XMAS…
Sohel: i know it stinks in here!
Sohel: cause im the SHIT
Sohel: haha
Sohel: thats great
me: its horrible.
me: b/c you DO stink.
Sohel: cause im the SHit
Sohel: thank u

Light Saturday Reading.

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Good Read.
Good Stuff.

This will consume a few nights and weekends, thanks Shey.

Is it really "Free"?

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I was reading a post on the ODF as a ISO standard from Digg. Checking out the comments, I’m really shocked to find that there’s a lot of hatred toward large corporations by really closed-minded people.

“Glad ODF was adopted over Microsofts implementation, there was a big fuss over this at the last Linux World. Now things can move forward as planned. though knowing microsoft, they will continue with their standard and screw the ISO and any other organizations standards just like they do with IE and everything else. =/”

-First yay for ISO for picking ODF, then boo to ISO. Very contradicting.

“ODF = Open Source != corporate mentality.”

We have a bundle tool that has a ton of open source tools we use. Microsoft is supporting the ODF, so what’s the complaint?

As a small worker bee in a large financial institution, I need the company to have proprietary products and services to help me pay my bills. I haven’t seen the open source community hiring lately with good pay, have you? Some companies even sponsor and support the open source community, so what’s the big complaint? Money? Pride? I don’t get what drives some people into complete hatred of corporations, maybe some…but I have bills to pay…

As for the friendly companies like Google, rather than charging us monetarily (is that even a word?), they take in data about us, statistics, things we do, etc. Ayende discusses this a bit. This is just the other Big Brother with candy and treats. I’m not knocking on Google, their tools and “free” stuff is awesome, but I guess I’d rather be a little bit more careful about what “free” really is.

C-USA Champions!

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As you know so far, we’ve been going a ton of UH games. Yesterday was by far THE best. Again…we rushed the field!!! Pictures coming soon.


Sorry for the delay…

GO UH!!! Liberty Bowl, Here We Come! C-USA CHAMPS!

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