Celebrate Comida Con C’s.

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Chicken, Corn, Croissant, Chips, Cheese, and a…no, a few Cold Beers and a Cup of wine.

Heroes was awesome. Next week is going to make me pee in my pants.

Null Null-Check, Boo.

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I haven’t used my Reliant account since I moved out of the old apartment last year. I’m linking my old account to the current one at the new place. I log in and check it out:

Null "Null Check", Boo. Null "Null Check", Boo Again.

Remeber folks, null-checks are important!

Sony Style Service !Sucks.

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So one of my monitors just completely died today. I called up the service 1 (866) 357-7669. I explained what happened and all they asked about was:

1. Where did you buy it: SonyStyle online.
2. Name: Thomas Nguyen
3. Model Number: SDM-HS75P/B
4. Approximate date I bought it: August 2006.

They found me within minutes, no joke. They knew what city it was shipped to, exact date I bought it, and even the CC I used (they used this to verify I was who I am!).

So, within 3-5 days after I fax in my order confirmation email to Sony, they’ll send me a replacement (refurbished) monitor and a return shipping box. Guess for how much? FREE! I can’t wait until it comes in.

The warranty for the monitor is 3 years parts/labor. So, I just need to save up until August 2009 for a new monitor. BAD ASS!

Simple Error Check = $39.00.

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I have a Chase Savings/Checking account and two Credit Cards.

So I set up to pay my credit card and it asks for my checking account number. Shouldn’t that already be integrated since Chase owns both my Checking account and Credit Cards? blargh! I made a mistake when entering in my account number and submitted the payment for January. It cost me $39.00! The problem is, they didn’t tell me anything, just returned the payment and charged me a fee. By the time I saw this, my next payment was due in two weeks. So, I call them up and they look up my account to find my typo that cost me $39.00.

Yeah, I’m at fault, but couldn’t some exception handling or just simple integration to allow me to pay my credit card with my checking account directly?

Boo to Chase for not doing this!

***They waived the charge since I’ve got a bad ass history with them.

This Pig Goes WOOF WOOF.

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I’m 24 and there are 12 signs of the zodiac, so that makes me a Pig, right? WRONG. For the past 24 years of my life, I have been deceived by the “American” culture and mentality. There are many calendars, but the two in question are: Lunar calendar and Gregorian calendar. The year-calculation is totally different, but same basic concept.

Remember! The Gregorian calendar has NOTHING to do with the Chinese Zodiac (not to be confused with the Classical Zodiac).

For the year 2007:
Dog: January 1 – February 17.
Pig: Febaruary 18 – December 31.

Apparently there’s an element attached to your sign too. I’m a water dog: “It is associated with the planet Mercury, the north and winter, and the colour black. Water is “black” because in fact it represents flood. It is believed to govern the kidneys.”
-That explains my craze for black.
-And the fact that water, to me, is FREAKING awesome.
-AND that I like the cold!

So, has anyone changed their animality? ***MORTAL KOMBAT!!!***

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