"Completed" Rewrite Prototype.

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Can a prototype ever really be “complete”? I mean, this BBOM-rewrite has given me so many ideas and paths to take I had to settle with just one. So here’s the rundown and some statistics on one sample report I created:

Application OS/Server Technologies Report (sec.)
BBOM Windows 2000, IIS, WebSphere ASP, VBScript JSP, Java 6.4
Prototype Linux, Apache, Tomcat JSP, JSF, Java 2.7

The BBOM has been “optimized” and the Rewrite Prototype is just a proof of concept. I still think there is something crazy going on with the BBOM though. More than TWICE the time it takes to run a report?! Man, hopefully adding on user sessions, connection pooling, logging, and some other gadgets doesn’t bog down the rewrite too much.

Birthday Bash Prequel.

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Thanks for a fun weekend!

Friday night: Hue.
Saturday night: Kubo’s, Gingerman, Next.

T-Minus 4 days.

Battlestar Galactica Season 1 and 2.

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DONE. I started Sunday and I’m done. I’ve lost sleep, but I’ve gained so much more. HAHA, man what a show. Time to ramp up on Season 3.


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Back to the old BBOM Rewrite Project.

I’m finally digging through a page with 2272 lines of ASP/VBScript to find out what I can reuse. Obviously, not this…

If L_Usd =”ON” Then

s_Usd_on_text = “Currency values in US Dollars.”
s_Usd_off_text = s_Usd_off_text_null


s_Usd_off_text = “Currency values in local currency.”
s_Usd_on_text = s_Usd_on_text_null

End If

And here’s how it’s being used…



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So I’ve been getting tons of spam lately and to get a good idea of what I’m up against, here are some numbers for January.

Good Email: 194 (9.72%)
Bad Email: 1995 (90.28%)

Breakdown of the stupid bastards (not case-sensitive):

Count Description
193 “re*”
87 Subject “hi”, “hello”
78 Subject “fwd*”
59 Subject “You loan request approved”, “We are ready to give you a loan”, “We accepted your loan request”, “Loan for a low month payment”, “Load request approved”
44 “happy nw*”
19 From “Fifth Third Bank”
12 From “(270) 818-7244*”
12 No From, No Subject

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