JSF, Spring, Hibernate and a Little Magic Dust.

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We have an awesome chassis (framework, starting point, whatever you want to call it). It has completely isolated modules: web, services, dao, and model. I’ve always wanted to know how something like this can be achieved, and now I know. We have a great team and one more will be jumping on board Monday (finally!) to help us out. That will DOUBLE the number of developers on this project, =).

I’ve learned so much about Java web development. It’s very different from .NET and allows much more flexibility to do pretty much anything to your heart’s content. Along with this flexibility, though, is the potential for complexity. We kept it simple: JSF, Spring, and Hibernate.

Here are some tutorial pages that were really helpful for me, but most of the help can from others on my team teaching and guiding me:
This comes with JSF sample code, along with the rendered item, and even the HTML source rendered.
-How can you disregard the MyFaces documentation?
Here is another good step-by-step tutorial going from static to dynamic pages.
This Spring tutorial goes step-by-step on how to get started, even with a Tomcat server.

(I learned the basics of Hibernate from a team member.)

Hi, I’m Thomas Nguyen.

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My Cube. I’m finally an official employee at JPMC: I have a name tag! Why put it in front of me? So I can gaze at it in awe and it might help me with creativity and inspire me with something. HAHAHA…

FYI: The monitor on the left is for a box under the table. The monitor on the right is extended for the laptop. I’m using Synergy to make it seamless! I need a docking station, sigh.

On another note: Need a car?

Silly Customer Service.

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So I was charged a Service Fee of $17.00 yesterday. This morning I called them up to find out what the heck it was for…

Telephone Banker 1: “Sir, are you aware of the type of account you have you need to have a minimum amount in the account?” (She’s talking about the Premier Account that requires some $18K for a waived fee.)
Me: “Oh, yes I am, but I’m an employee.”
Telephone Banker 1: “Oh, this happened to me too, I just talked to my manager.”
Me: “You can’t fix it for me?”
Telephone Banker 1: “No, just talk to your manager.”
Me: “Ummm…”

Back and forth…nothing solved. So I call back again.

Telephone Banker 2: “Oh, let me talk to my supervisor.”
Me: “Ok.”
…a few minutes go by…
Telephone Banker 2: “I’m sorry about that. The fee will be returned within one business day and will no longer charge you. Is there anything else I can help you with?”
Me: “No, that was it, thanks!”

Why can’t people stop being lazy and just do their job?

Who Said Corporate America Isn’t Fun?

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Herd Them Cows! We do college recruiting at the IBTech: Baylor, Rice, UH (GO COOGS!), UT-Austin, and A&M. We’ve run low on cows and reordered a new box, full of them. Some one found our stash and raided it: look what they did to their manager’s office. AWESOME, haha.

One Too Many Demos.

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Agile Development: “Most agile methods attempt to minimize risk by developing software in short timeboxes, called iterations, which typically last one to four weeks.”

I totally agree with this, but check out our perversion of it. We have multiple iterations, but of the presentation (not the software). It was of the same damn version: the Prototype!

Developer Led:
February 8: Finished the Prototype.
February 15: Initial “Prototype Demo”.

Business Analyst Led:
February 21: Trial-Demo before the Business.
February 23: Demo to the Business (Representative).
March 5: Demo to the Business (Asia).
March 6: Demo to the Business (North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa*).
*Really, just Europe.

Each demo was a critique to make sure we show something good the the Business. After each demo shouldn’t we improve and come back with another iteration? No, we have to make sure its consistent for our “script”. That’s right, we had a script during the demo and held on to it with dear life.

Meanwhile, I’m done with the new framework (just the basics) and starting to create one of the five reports for our next iteration, it’s called the “Functional Demo”.

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