Grand Prix of Houston!

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Ben and I volunteered at the Grand Prix of Houston on Saturday and Sunday. I also went on Friday to make use of the Pit Pass and avoid the dreaded Houston traffic. It was an awesome event and I’ll be volunteering every year from now on! There we a bunch of perks and free stuff: Polos, hat, lanyard, food, drink, awesome seats, ear plugs, free parking, 3-Day SuperTicket, and 3-days of tickets for 4 people. Too bad we only found people to give away the tickets for Sunday…

Marie, Name, Sohel, and Farhan met us up on Sunday for the final race.

Ticket Type Cost Qty.
3-Day SuperTicket $129.00 2
Sunday General Admission $30 4
Sunday Pit Pass $25 4
Sunday Reserved $30 4

That’s over $500.00 worth of tickets!

YES, Go ACURA! Look at that ASS. Volleyball is Awesome. OOOPs, Too Quick. Follow the Mazda.
Damn, That's Fast. Picture Perfect. WRONG WAY! Official Pace Cars. Back to the Garage.

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The Good Guys vs. Reds.

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I’ve got 6 FREE tickets (I might be able to get 2 more).
The games we can choose from: May 1, 2, or 3.
We’re going to May 3rd’s game (Thursday)!
David’s landing in IAH at 6:09 PM and will meet us up.

I want to go when Oswalt pitches.

Roster: Me, Ben, Marie, Sarah, Vikram, David, ___?___, ___?___.
Who else is down?

And why am I blogging this early in the morning? We have an XP SP2 roll out that’s going to hog down my machine for 30-90 minutes…FUN.

Updates in BLUE.

"Moving Up."

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Why is a Business Analyst considered a higher role than a Developer?

BAs are the filter and mediator between the developers and clients. I still don’t understand how that makes them a “higher” position. There should be at least one developer for BA and vice versa for a project. Each have their own distinct role, but no one is higher than the other, right?

A developer can be a BA and vice versa. It’s a preference of what a person wants to do on project, not a promotion from dev to BA. The development track is parallel, not serial and can be combined (i.e. dev/BA role).

Developer > Team Lead (of Devs) > Architect.
Business Analyst > Team Lead (of BAs) > Manager.

What’s your take on it?

Volunteer at the HGP!

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Are you free to help volunteer at the Houston Grand Prix?

Teamcode: PGH547.
Special Considerations: Thomas Nguyen
Shift A: Assign where needed.

Saturday, April 21: 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Saturday, April 22: 7:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Development: WORST Practices.

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A few rules I put on integration and committing code (SHOULD be obvious, right?):
-Do an update, integrate, build-test-compile, then commit.
-Only commit what compiles and passes tests.
-If merges are not trivial, contact the other developer.
-Your changes work on your machine, but your commit breaks the CruiseControl build, wait until dependencies re-build and verify the build is a success. Otherwise, fix it ASAP.

So here’s what you DON’T want to do:
1. When you do an update and a conflict occurs: comment out what does not compile, even if it isn’t your code.
2. When a merge is not trivial and a conflict occurs: replace it with your working code.
3. If a block in a method doesn’t work, comment out the things that are broken, and return a null.

Does anyone have a good link on basic software development BEST practices? Here’s my list:
Best of the Shade Tree Developer
How to produce software quickly, Part 1 (2, 3, 4)

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