Meetings. Meetings. Meetings.

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How do you convince a developer that Scrum-like meetings are more beneficial than just the time factor and the content is also totally different?

How do you convince a developer that Scrum meetings are necessary to facilitate Agility, provide value to the team, and actually help make the project go smooth?

How do you convince a developer if the team doesn’t touch base once a day, the team can end up in different directions, even if we have a IM forum and can talk to each other one on one?

Texas Copperheads vs. Rio Valley Dorados.

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I’ve got two free tickets from Chris Doelle! Who wants to go? I’ve NEVER been to an Arean Football game before.

“The Texas Copperheads wrap up their inaugural arena football season with a home game against the top-ranked Rio Grand Valley Dorados, Saturday, July 28 at 7PM. The Copperheads play their home games at the amazing Berry Center in Cypress (Northwest Houston.)”

Who wants to go? First come first serve.

David, You Owe Me $1.00.

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So we started this whole Nike+ jogging gang and I made a goal of getting in at least three miles a day. I’m not focused on time right now. I’m working on lung capacity, knee and feet strength.

I copped out yesterday and didn’t jog, so I decided to punish myself…lol. How? Around my neighborhood is about 1.53 miles and I usually do two laps. As punishment I had to do five laps today. This ended up being almost eight miles in under two hours. My feet hurt, I might be getting blisters, and I hope I can walk tomorrow.

Any way, back to the $1.00. David bet I wouldn’t do it…and I did. $1.00 for me. WHOOT!

Houston Dynamos versus LA Galaxy.

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Who: Houston Dynamos and LA Galaxy
What: Soccer Match
Where: Houston (maybe Robertson Stadium?)
When: October 7, 2007 @ 2:00 PM
Why: Just do it. -Nike

David’s got a Devon hook up. If you’re down let me know, we need a head count by Friday July 20, 2007. Otherwise, first come first serve on a total of four tickets (David and I call the first two, so that leaves two to grab).

Dynamos Schedule

Nike+ Women’s Half Marathon.

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Who: NOT just women…men can do it too.
What: 13.1 mile “marathon”
When: October 21, 2007 (in 24 hours!)
COST: $45, where a portion will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

So, why am I doing this? My aunt passed away from lymphoma a few years ago, but that’s not the only reason. Many families are affected, not just mine…and why not it’s a good cause, it’s good for my health (I hope I don’t pass out or anything), and it’s an attainable goal.

I need to calibrate my Nike+, it’s only logging half the distance I actually run jog/walk. No wonder my account looks so pathetic. Let me know if you’re down to do this. I might go to Memorial Park or something…maybe we can do a lazy marathon and spend all day there and have a BBQ or picnic.

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