SELECT * FROM [TheWholeTable]

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Yes, the whole table.

This report shows the cash-type trades done in London and grouped by currency type.

39 currency types.
1:07 minutes to run.
6,722 rows of data.
20.4 MB Excel file (when exported).

It’s a reporting tool, not a freaking SQL dump tool. Users, help us help you make this report more meaningful.

Komen Houston Race for the Cure.

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Who is down for this?

Date: Saturday, October 6, 2007
Time: 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Register Here

If you don’t want to run, you can still volunteer.

Some Pet Peeves.

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1. “Can I ask you a question?”
-Just ask it.

2. Out of nowhere, asking a question without any context or hint about what you’re talking about. “How you implement it on the one report you did a while back?”
-Clarify, we’re not on the same page as you.

3. Calling me on my cell phone and asking, “Who is this?”
-You called me, tell me who you are.

4. When a neighbor stares at you while jogging, you wave and say hello, and they do nothing, but continue to stare.
-I said “Hello.” It’s common courtesy to respond. …Or am I just that awesome that I make you speechless?

5. Trying to Ghant chart a project with a Waterfall mentality for an Agile project.

6. Just enough coffee in the coffee pot to not make more, but not enough for one full cup of coffee.
-Quit being lazy, make another pot.

7. “I get it” with a nod, but you really don’t get it.
-Ask a question, don’t go off for two hours trying something with no success that could have been answered in two minutes.

8. Estimating/Planning for a year long project with no contingency and not adjusting it…EVER.
Murphy’s Law is always in play. Revisit the estimation/plan if something slips, might slip, or could slip because in the end, it will.

9. Some sorting algorithms: 1, 10, 11, 2, 20, 21, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
-Have we not evolved the sorting algorithm to understand that 2 comes after 1?

10. The fact that freezers don’t have a light.
-Thanks, James. You inspired this post. Haha…

According to My Calculations…

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We have an data object that contains:
1. $principle (Long) – Principle
2. $days (int) – Number of Days Interest
3. $basis (int) – Basis (how many days in a year)
4. $dailyInterest (Long) – Daily Interest

Average Rate = 100 * $basis * ( $dailyInterest/$days ) / $principle

What screwed us over for an hour? DATA TYPE!!!
$dailyInterest/$days is an integer division! Therefore 5/3 gave us 1, instead of 1.6666!

So, boys and girls…


Where’s Wachovia?

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Wachovia's Microsoft NAVTEQ. Wachovia says its really near my house…in my neighborhood!
Google the Address. Google says its down the street.

I want to believe Virtual Earth because I’d just have to walk a few blocks, but Google right. The have the location right in front of the building entrance!

Where am I?

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