Sao Paulo: Day 1 and Day 2.

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Day 1: We arrive and get our “tickets” and I expect to get paper ones…they ended up being plastic, credit-card sized tickets. Check out our G-ride and the view.

Day 1: Sexta, Sabado, Domingo. Day 1: Our G Ride. Day 1: Buildings Everywhere.

Day 2: We get up at five to get to the race, but end up getting there a bit late. When we arrived, the weather was a bit gloomy with a few showers and total overcast. After a couple hours, the rain stopped and more cars came out on the track for free practice.

Day 2: How Many Can You Count? Day 2: Even Free Practice is Competitive. Day 2: Team Spyker.

Kumon Event: Goal Setting Day.

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At Cypress Kumon, Columbus Day this year was the first “Goal Setting” Day, ever. It was so successful, we might be thinking about doing this every year. It provides students with ability to see their performance and make their own goals for the rest of the year in preparation for our annual award ceremony in January.

Popcorn, animal crackers, balloons, and banners for all!

Almost Done. Banner 1. Banner 2. Kumon Literature.
Popcorn and Animal Crackers! Every Table Gets Something. Preparing for the Party.
We're Ready.

Malvin’s Visit: Pictures.

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Here are pictures from the party. David, this is for you, haha…finally. Evite.

Pre-Heineken. The Man of the Hour. PGH547 Pimpin. Peekaboo? Post-Heineken.


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What? Disposed? YES DISPOSED…as of Friday, September 28th after lunch. How am I taking it? Pretty well for a pet project lasting over a year.

Bottom line, the root cause of this outcome is a mix of two things: 1) the users don’t really know what the application is or does, 2) the developers and plan teams (us) underestimated and kept the scope and $$$ growing and growing. How can something like this happen? No documentation. No subject matter expert. No clear requirements. Code is just a BBOM. So what good came out of this? Agile methodologies implemented. Awesome use of our tools (JIRA/Wiki/Subversion vs. Emails/Excel/ClearCase). Postmortem review and presentation.

We also found out the reason for all our headaches is because the application we’re rewriting doesn’t even fit the business today (and tomorrow). It’s a seven year old application with tons of bugs. The business is going back to the drawing board to find out what their users really want and need.

I’m now working on a messaging application that takes in feeds, stores it in our database and then creates downstream feeds for our subscribers. Looking at it for the first time today, its a beast!

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