Visual Studio.NET 2008 + Subversion + NAnt.

February 29th, 2008 § 1 comment § permalink

I’ve had trouble trying to figure out a way to grab the Subversion revision number in order to populate it into the the auto-generated CommonAssemblyInfo.cs file.


Google got me Bryant’s post that linked to Jonathan Malek’s post. Which didn’t help at all because he already migrated his blog to WordPress and the link couldn’t be found. The next link I found worth was Dan Hounshell’s post on the topic. Guess who it refers to? Jonathan’s (now invisible) post.

So finally, I put a few things together and I came up with an almost-done solution, YAY!

<property name=”svnrevision” value=”0″/>
<property name=”svnrevisiontortoise” value=”nothing” />
<if test=”${directory::exists(‘.svn’)}”>

<!–… run the tortoise command line stuff to get latest …–>
<loadfile file=”.svn\all-wcprops” property=”svnrevisiontortoise” failonerror=”false” />
<regex pattern=”ver\/(?’svnrevision’\w+)\/” input=”${svnrevisiontortoise}” failonerror=”false” />

<echo message=”Using Subversion revision number: ${svnrevision}” />

The only stipulation for this is you HAVE to do an update on the repository before calling running this. I tried running a command, but I don’t have Subversion installed on the machine, so it doesn’t recognize it. Plus, I don’t want to add that dependency. Maybe I can throw it in a bin folder or something as a reference.

<exec program=”svn” commandline=”up” failonerror=”true” output=”svn.update.log.txt” append=”true”/>

Now that I have .revision automatically generated, I’ll need to figure out a simple way to both tag and generate the build number.

Getting Started with Silverlight.

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There’s a ton of stuff out there that just makes my head go crazy. If you want to get started, here’s the quick run down of problems I ran into and what I did to get things up and running.

Version Clarification

Type Name Description
FREE Silverlight 1.0 Initial release.
FREE Silverlight 1.1 Alpha September Refresh Upcoming Release (final version will be named 2.0).
Trial Microsoft Expression Blend Supports Visual Studio 2005. (Project files only)
“Preview” Microsoft Expression Blend 2
(December Preview)
Supports Visual Studio 2008. (Solution and Project files!)
FREE Silverlight 1.1 tools for VS2008 Support of Silverlight 1.1 in Visual Studio 2008.

*Pretend Blend v1 and Silverlight 1.0 never existed. Get all the lastest stuff, believe me. You’ll be MUCH happier.

I’m getting started with the Creating a Clock with Silverlight tutorial. I’m running Silverlight 1.1 Alpha, Visual Studio 2008 (with Resharper 3.0), Expression Blend 2 December Preview, and the Silverlight Tools Alpha for VS2008 all on a Vista Business Edition machine.


Update: This is a Silverlight example, but the Silverlight 2 Beta 1 has not been released yet (along with the tools for VS2008) that makes me sad, =(. Still, it is an awesome tutorial to create a Digg client application from Scott Guthrie.

The entire application is implemented in about 35 lines of C# code and 75 lines of XAML page/user-control markup” -ScottGu <– WOW.

My eCOST Experience.

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Why did I shop there? On January 20th, my Google Reader came up with an awesome deal from that wasn’t a typo, and on the eCOST website even today!!! C’mon, $36.99 for a multi monitor mount (three monitors!!!). So I place an online order a few hours I read and re-read the listing to make sure it was correct. TOTAL: $49.48 shipped!

About a week goes by and BAM! DHL tracker says its in. I open the box and find a Flip-Down Mount.


Called them up and the guy told me I had to…

  • Place another order for the correct item
    • The order total was $50.91 due to shipping charge changes, WTF
  • Submit request a return
  • DHL return label for wrong product

So I do it without hesitation, c’mon…$50.91 for a multi monitor mount!

A few days later, another DHL box comes in: same shape, same weight and you guessed it, SAME WRONG PRODUCT.


I immediately called them back to get a return label for the second wrong item and follow up on the first return label. They forgot to send it the first time…


A few days ago, I receive the return label for the first wrong order, YAY! I called them today to check up on the second return label..

  • Call back 10 AM CST tomorrow
    • The resolution team isn’t in…
  • Get to a resolution team
    • Make the Return Authorization (RA)
    • Get a return label
  • Process order online for a replacement order, then I’ll get an RA (w/ return label)
  • I got really upset wanted to talk to his manager.
  • I got put on HOLD for a bout 30 seconds, w/o a “please hold”
  • “Ok, I just took care of everything.”
    • He could have done after all…

I’m waiting for the second return label to come in, so we’ll see how long that takes.

PASS/FAIL? We’ll see…

Visual Studio 2008 – What More Can You Ask For?

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So I was talking to James a little bit about Visual Studio’s features and things I’d like it to have. Here’s my list of things I might just not know about or things that would make life easier in Visual Studio 2008.

-Right click a base class you created and click “Extend Class”
-Right-click an interface and click “Implement Interface”
-Save/Configure windows layout (dual screen vs. single)
-FULL LIST of the current keyboard mapping scheme that is readable

Oh yeah, Visual Studio + ReSharper is the only IDE I’d suggest. Without it, you’re missing a TON of stuff.

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