Getting Involved Again.

April 22nd, 2008 § 0 comments § permalink

So I’ve been meaning to get back on the HDNUG and AgileHouston train again for a while. A series of recent events finally made me get up and get involved again.

  • Last week, James and Ben (GO COOGS!) went to the ALT.NET conference in Seattle along with a long list of very famous people. I envy you two, hehe.
  • Yesterday, James and I had a short talk about how to get something started in his new found home, Ellensburg, Washington. He’s a bit far from Seattle to get drive to the events, so he’s looking for help. Today, I emailed Chris Koenig about helping James out with his connections. Within minutes, I get a response with a “handy-dandy” link and a few contacts…AWESOME.
  • This morning, my boss emails me about a free local event in Houston on May 7, 2008 on the “State of .NET” that we’ll be attending.

Good fun. I’m ready, bring it.

Oh yeah, I’ll be attending MMS this year in Vegas along with the SecureVantage team!

Infragistics and Visual Studio 2008.

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***Don’t have both a *.xaml User Control and a WinForm that contains the the control inside an ElementHost in it at the same time.***

Here’s what I get:
Infragistics and VS Error Flickr.

Left Image: after restarting VS, you’ll get this message.
Right Image: When viewing your WinForm with the ElementHost that has the *.xaml reference. You can see that it is disabled.

All you have to do is close VS down and fire it back up again.

(Anyone else run into this issue? It’s annoying.)

Got Podcasts?

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I’ve started to use my iPod Nano (second generation, so no video) for podcasts again, but I’m curious about what else ya’ll listen to.’s Subdomains Suck.

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So we’re looking to create a subdomain under our current hosting service: Discount ASP. First of all, they charge $5 a month just to have this feature turned on. Second, check out how they want us to implement it:

In summary, we want this: Here are the steps:
1. Create a default.asp page under the root of
2. Create a “subdomain” folder under the root.
3. Include the script at the top of the default.asp page to look for “” in the server variables.
4. If found, redirect the user to

WTF, why do I have to create a freaking “subdomain” folder?

Dreamhost, thanks for making it easy for us!


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So I’ll start using FeedBurner.

That is all.

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