Patching Virtual Machines Tip

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To manage our virtual machines we use Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2.

I have trouble logging into my VM after doing just a couple reverts to checkpoints. The machine drops trusts to the domain, so it won’t let me log in with my domain account, boo.

Here’s how to avoid it. Thanks, Kevin.

For these steps, log in with a local administrator account:

Step 1

Set the registry key below:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon\Parameters DisablePasswordChange REG_DWORD 1
(Reboot and add new Checkpoint A)

Step 2

Rejoin the domain
(Reboot and add new Checkpoint B)

Step 3

Run all the important Windows Updates
(Reboot and add Checkpoint C)

Step 4: Remove Checkpoints A and B

(I hate patching virtual machines…)

Japan Trip 2010: Fuji Q

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Just as it sounds, the Fuji Q Highland theme park is set near Mount Fuji. What a perfect backdrop for all these rides.

Mount Fuji

We woke up late and almost missed out bus. It took a couple hours to get out there, but well worth it. There was even a Thomas Land, but we didn’t have time to go, BOO! I’ve been sporting Thomas the Train since 2007, lol!

Some Rides Dodonpa! Lunch Time Thomas Land! We Totally Got on This Ride Look Very Carefully The Gang at Fuji Q The Girls The Guys More of Mount Fuji

Farewell, Japan

All I had time for Sunday morning was to pack and head to the airport. This is one of the best trips I’ve been on and I’m definitely planning on going back again. I’ll travel north of Tokyo and hopefully for skydiving and snowboarding!

Pictures are all finally posted and this will end my Japan Trip series. I hope you enjoyed it despite the fact that it took forever for me to get them uploaded.

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Japan Trip 2010: Tokyo 2

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We all pretty much knocked out the night on our way back to Tokyo, but after we all got settled in at Hotel Shirakawago, some of us got pretty hungry.

Delicious Late Night Meal

Even after that, Amy and I decided to make it out to a bar. After some walking around, we found our way to Shot Bar! It was pretty late when we got back, so instead of trying to get 2-3 hours of sleep, we decided to play dominoes through the night. Yup, no sleep. I haven’t done something like that since college!

Shot Bar, No Chrage! Our Bartender All-Nighter Dominos More Engrish

Tsujiku Fish Market

Morning came and we went back upstairs to get ready to head out to the Tsujiku Fish Market. We even found some posted directions at our station for us tourists.

My Kind of Statue Girl's Bar NOMNOM Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan How Long Until This Hits the States? Sweet, Instructions!

It took us a while to find where it was, but when we got there, we saw lots of packaged food, giant gutted fish, and even a styrofoam container filled with fish heads.

The Fish Market Interesting Food, 1 Interesting Food, 2 Ginormous Fish Fish Heads!

Hunger set in pretty quick and we found a little ramen place. Amy, Sarah and I stopped for ramen while Dan and Rami went somewhere else. After I finished my bowl of ramen, I went to go look for the guys and found them at a little breakfast sushi place. Nothing stopped me from even thinking twice about having another breakfast!

Found a Ramen Place On NYTimes? Sweet. Breakfast Round 1 Finally, Time to Eat Breakfast Round 2

We walked around a little more and saw so much raw fish. I could stop by here for breakfast everyday, forever!

So Fresh Holy Crap That's a Huge Cut Mini Cubed Fish Color Coded Price See You Later, Fish Market!


Ginza was just a walk away, and on our way, we bumped into this crazy store, Don.K! They seriously have everything you can imagine there. From Halloween costumes to snacks and even hair styling stuff.

Sensory OVERLOAD Without These, You'd Be Lost Forever DON.K! Nissan Gallery, Ginza Cafe in Ginza

I was able to snag some videos at the Yamaha store while a demostration was going on:

Yasukuni Shrine and some Sumo Wrestling

We went to go find the Yasukuni Shrine to check out some sumo wresting! Afterward, I found more vendor food and yes, I ate more.

Welcome to the Shrine More Cherry Blossoms Intense Decoration Oomura Masujiro Statue Does This Say "Welcome"? Chumon Torii Sumi Statue Bandaged Tree Trunk? Roots and Petals Make a Wish Haiden Sumos! FIGHT! Perfect Assembly Line Final Product, So Delicious

Fugu Dinner

Yes, fugu. A lot of people said I shouldn’t eat it, but if this was going to be the last meal of my life, then let it be. Obviously, I’m fine and the dinner was great! Everything was fugu – sake, sashimi, appetizer, and dinner.

Group Picture with Everyone

FUGU! Fugu Menu Fugu Sake and Some SIdes Raw Fugu Skin Strips Starting Up the Boiler Sugu Sashimi and Red Wasabi Fugu Insides, Still Pulsating Fried Fugu Skin Strips Dinner is Served! Premature Group Picture

Jack Bar and Yet Another Late Night Snack

Fugu was great and we made our way around the area. After much debate and aimlessly walking around, we ended up at Jack Bar for some drinks, darts, and more drinks. Afterward, we stumbled upon a little restaurant to fill our hunger. Surprisingly, they served beer and we couldn’t say no.

Moet to Celebrate the Night Spherical Ice! Outside Jack Bar Late Night Pizza Happy Campers

Next up, Fuji Q Highland Park!

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Japan Trip 2010: Hiroshima 2

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I woke up pretty early and no one was awake, so I ended up walking around the area by myself. I found out that almost every parking garage had Batman technology – equipped with a spinning base and vehicle elevator! Hunger kind of set in and luckily there was an awesome bakery near our hotel, One Coin Bakery. I dropped by to refuel, headed off in a different direction and found an outdoor mini mall.

Batman Parking Everywhere! Yumm with a Smile Up Too Early Weird Functional Art walkway Shopping

Here’s the hotel we stayed at, Hiroshima Kokusai Hotel. Check out our backyard!

Our "Backyard"

Our Hotel In Hiroshima Hiroshima Kokusai Hotel A Mitsubishi Elevator... Sliding Doors!

After I got back from my morning walk, I took the rest of the gang back to the bakery. Yeah, I had a second breakfast. The lady who served me early remembered me and had ultra smiles when she saw that I brought more people.

One Coin Bakery Breakfast, Round 2 Breakfast, Round 2 Breakfast, Round 2 Breakfast, Round 2

Atomic Bomb Dome

After breakfast, we all got ready for walking around. Just a short ride over and we stopped at the Atomic Bomb Dome. The structure stands as a memorial to those who lost their lives on August 6, 1945. I can’t say how many times I got chills down my spine and most of the time my mind was going a million miles a second about the idea of what happened about 65 years ago.

Still Standing

Little did I know that there was an entire park, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, in the surrounding area, so we all walked around.

It's Just Mind Blowing Candid, I Promise Peace Clock Tower Sadako Sasaki Memorial Hiroshima Crane Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound Love and Peace So Many Cranes Awesome View Where To?

The Hall of Remembrance

After splitting up for a while, we all met back up around the museum. I have almost all the plaques, but I’ll upload them later when I can piece them all side by side.

Above the Museum Teeny Tiny Cranes Etching of Surrouding Area Work glove, Towel More Paper Cranes

Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound

There was a huge open area just in front of the Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound, so I made a panoramic.

Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound Panoramic

Okonomiyaki, Hiroshima-style

We walked across the bridge and made our way to find some okonomiyaki, Hiroshima-style. This was an awesome meal nonetheless. Ray wanted to introduce this, “taco wasabi” to me and I couldn’t imagine what the hell it looked like. When it came out on a little dish, I realized when he said “taco”, it was really, “tako” – octopus. It hit my nose hard, but it was freaking delicious! I need to find a place in the states that serves this.

Sweet, They're Open Om Nom Nom Nom I'm Ready to EAT This is so Awesome Smells Great! Shake-Shake Shake Three Types, Ready to Eat My Slice Tako Wasabi Bye-Bye

We made our way back to the hotel, did some last minute shopping, packed up and got ready for our long trek back to Tokyo.

Bikes Everywhere Hiroshima Station OMGTITB > AMY What Are You Doing Rami? One of These is Not Like the Other

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Japan Trip 2010: Hiroshima 1

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We woke up to pack and catch a Shinkensen to Hiroshima. Joseph was even with us in spirit…or just on a window really. At the station, we found a Cafe Du Monde!

Teeny Tiny Truck Find Joseph Done Ordering New Orleans, Japan Waiting for Our Shinkensen

On these trains, there’s a lady with a snack cart walking around and I found the best candy ever! We had a one transfer and after you know, we got to Hiroshima.

The Best Snack EVER! Crazy Faces Tons of Taxis You Speak Engrish Welcome to Hiroshima!

After checking in at our hotel, we made our way to Miyajima Island. It was a really long ride, but worth it.

Onward, to the A-Bomb Dome Finding Our Way to the Hotel How Much to Get to _______ Yup, We're Sleeping in the Ground Ray, Dan, and Sarah

After getting off the last stop, we walked just across the street to hop on a ferry and head to Miyajima Island!

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear What Are Those Lines in the Water? Sapporo Makes Everyone Happy Peeka-Boo! Extreme Group Picture

We were looking for the Itsukushima Shrine and took a short path around the island. Walking through this gave me time to enjoy the sights and just reflect on life.

At Every Temple Entrance Just Pray Shake, Pick a Stick, Make a Wish More Lanterns All Done

Some people started getting hungry and others were getting cranky-hungry. We walked back down the path and into a small walkway. This coolest little restaurant’s bar area was completely filled by us.

Finding a Place to Eat Fried Oysters with Salad Delicious That's Not Mustard Toothpicks are the Bomb

After dinner we made our way to the five-story pagoda. It was a dark and windy night and I didn’t have my tripod with me. So improvised my beanie as a base, played with some settings, turned on the timer and crossed my fingers.

Pagoda Pagoda Profile 1 Pagoda Profile 4 Another View of the Temple How to Capture Properly?

We made it back to the ferry and the rail ride back to the hotel was a complete blur. I knocked out for most of the ride. Some of us decided to grab another late night meal and Amy learned to use an egg separator for the first time, so you know we had to video record it. On our way back we realized we were right next door to Round1, a 7 or 8 story game place. The other guys knocked out, so Sarah, Amy and I had a little fun playing BilliBowl and darts!

Awesome Graphic Read Carefully Hell Yes, Put an Egg on It Hell Yeah, Photobooth! Round1 Darts

More Hiroshima coming up soon.

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