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A good friend from college, Long, and his fiance, Nhu, came to visit New York. I did my best to show them things I love, food places and sites, bunched up in just a few days. I can’t wait to see them again in the fall for their BIG DAY!

It's Long and Nhu!

We also stopped by a few Catholic churches with gothic architecture – tall pointed arches, ribbed columns, giant stained glass windows, pointed arches and flying buttresses! Don’t forget really high ceilings and how small I felt when I stepped inside. It’s exactly what they were going for at the time and definitely still holds true today.

Most Holy Redeemer Church Outside St. Patricks Cathedral Ginormous Ceiling Contrast High: Old and New

I’m so glad they also enjoy food, so we went to many places and sometimes even had two dinners in one night! I’m not sure how I’m maintaining weight (I’ve actually lost weight since I got here), but I’m going to keep on enjoying all the food that New York has to offer!

Welcoming Long and Nhu to NYC Poco Brunch MMM, Delicious Loafs of Bread Octopus from Spain Hello Again, My Friends Uni is My Favorite Curry Ya Dinner S'mack Dinner Hot and Sour Soup Array of Appetizers All Kinds of Duck

*I took this opportunity to also try out a few new places that I have never been to, but have heard good things – except for one place.

Poco is a great little place for brunch, despite the now-limited number of drinks. Then again, I had four bloody mary’s instead of being limited to three. Definitely plan on waiting if you don’t have reservations, but it’s well worth it either way. The staff is really friendly, and the owner (or maybe manager) even made it a point to walk around and just greet us to make sure we were doing okay. I’ll definitely come back here to try the lobster mac and cheese and the lobster benedict!

Roxy Delicatessen, in Times Square, is a place I will not step into again. The cookies were hard, almost stale, and pretty boring. It wasn’t anything fun or fancy, just a place that exists in a touristy area.

Curry-Ya was delicious, but like I have said before: most of New York has no sense of what spicy dish should taste like. Despite that, the flavor of my pork cutlet and curry was pretty good. I’ll come back here again, but always get extra hot – that means mild/spicy in Houston.

I took Long to S’Mac after Curry-Ya because it’s his favorite food. We all shared the Cajun and finished it with ease. As I’m writing this, I’m contemplating whether I want to place an order and wait for over an hour for the buffalo chicken, hehe.

More Friends Visited

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Although Elizabeth and Thu have already visited, this time Pak came along to join the fun!

After an interesting evening at the hotel bar, we met up Saturday at Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown for soup dumplings and some other stuff Pak ordered. I was complete stuffed afterward since, as usual, I get to finish what everyone doesn’t eat, NOM! Despite the awesomeness of the food, it was pretty inexpensive, even better! For dessert, we decided to go to Little Itay and tried out more than just a cannoli. Ask Elizabeth why her rasberry sorbet didn’t come in a fruit like our mango and peach sorbets, lol.

Joe's Shanghai for Soup DumplingsCannoli and Fruit Sorbets

Elizabeth and Thu wanted to check out Chelsea Market and Highline Park again, so we took a cab over. We thought some bread and cheese to enjoy at 14th Street Park was a good idea, but I guess we were too full after eating 1/4 a grilled cheese sandwich each. Sitting outside there was a nice rest before making our way to Highline Park. I’m kind of glad we returned since we started from the very beginning and walked all the way to the blocked section – almost ready for a future opening. Maybe it was all the walking around, but we thought it was a good idea to eat, yet again. Did y’all know another Grimaldes just opened up in Limelight Market?

Lucy's Whey or the HighwayEnjoying Grilled Cheese on an Uncomfortable BenchRelaxing at 14th Street ParkPak as a FlamingoThe New Grimaldes

After some rest back at their hotel, we made our way over to Rockefeller for shopping, blah. I walked around H&M for a bit, but then just walked around the area until they were done.

Mystic BackgroundAtlas From AfarRockefeller

I hope y’all had fun during your short stay in New York!

When Friends Visit

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David and Dustin came to visit over the weekend. These newb* NYC visitors were visiting and it was my chance to finally get to do the touristy things for the first time, you know: Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum, United Nations (without the flags flying, sorry David!), Wall Street and Central Park.

After a night of good dinner at Cafe Orlin and drinks at Decibel and Hofbrauhaus Traunstein, we dragged ourselves up and out into the city. For breakfast, we made our way to my favorite nearby bagel shop, Bagel Works. Just afterward, we met up with Joseph where apparently a festival was being held! You know I had to grab myself arepas (thanks, David)! I just miss the home made arepas from my trip to Colombia.

Upper East Side Festival Arepas con Queso

Joseph tried to take us to the South Ferry, but we somehow ended up in Brooklyn. Despite the fact that we completely skipped out on Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, we had an awesome view of Manhattan at the piers. We walked around so much because the 4 and 5 trains were under construction over the weekend and was causing a ripple effect of delays, but managed. By the end of the day, were so worn out.

Amazing View from Brooklyn

One of my favorite places we visited was Stone Street on Sunday where we had some really good pizza out on the street with awesome weather. Adrienne’s Pizza Bar had a really interesting selection of pizzas and the two we had were just delicious – so good I only took a picture of one of them – plus, we were really hungry.

Awesome Pizza
Stone Street Nothing Like a Negra Modelo

*It was David’s very first visit and Dustin was was here when he was much younger and doesn’t really remember much.

***Updated May 14, 2011***

We also visited the MET, but it just took me a while to get the pictures uploaded. We all got to go for free since Joseph and I work at JPMorganChase and they donate to a bunch museums!

If you’re at the MET during sunset, I suggest you take a quick run up the elevator to get a peek at the view.

Rooftop Overlooking Central Park

I call this the Creepy Room. It’s an octogonal room with no doors and five windows:

Creepy Room - Panel Front LeftCreepy Room - Panel Front MiddleCreepy Room - Panel Front Right

Creepy Room - Panel Back RightCreepy Room - Panel Back Left

Enjoy a few more random pictures around the museum:

Grand Entrance Hallway"WTF, Joseph" -DavidWhat a Fly Sees, I'd ImagineIndoor GardenClassic ColtA Naked Samurai SwordA Knight's ClosetYes, That's DysonThis Reminds me of a Video Game...Photo or Painting?Alice in Wonderland FlashbackClassic ColtMy Favorite AnimalMeticulous ArtworkLots of People

Gang of Four, NYC

Gang of Four, NYC Version

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