Another Food Update

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Despite the massive dump of pictures and reviews, this mainly consists of the new places I have been to since the last post. Unless I find an entree that is ridiculously awesome at a place I have already been, I won’t repost and make you re-read. Enjoy and I definitely hope I’m making you hungry. I just made myself hungry writing this…

Delicious Lamb Tranquility
75 9th Ave
New York, NY 10011

What a freaking hot day. Sohel said a friend of his recommended this place, so we tried it out. By all means, it was great. Although the lighting is really really low, the atmosphere was quite nice and food was awesome. It’s definitely a place I’d go to again since their fusion is quite interesting and not way too off the map for my taste buds.

Post Packing Dinner Mid Dinner Entree

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao
38-12 Prince St
Flushing, NY 11354

After helping Yuwi pack up a few things, she took us out to eat! The soup dumplings are definitely awesome, but as we were finishing up, they were preparing this beef tribe dish. Everyone enjoyed it, except for Joseph, lol.

Pork Belly for Lunch!
Obao (order-in)
222 E 53rd St
Manhattan, NY 10022

I’ve been working a lot lately, so I have to order in food. This was way more than I expected, but you know I finished all of it. I like their sticky rice, but the pork belly was kind of bland. Good thing I had Sriracha.

Giant Sushi Dinner

Hiro (order-in)
180 Third Ave
Manhattan, NY 10003

The evening before, I ordered burgers for Joseph, Yuwi and I to get delivered to her new place on my account. Then I ordered from this from my apartment, but as soon as I got an email confirmation, I realized I left the address to her place, d’oh! I called and asked if they could deliver it all the up to my place and that I’d give extra tip to the delivery person. It took a while and it was damn worth it. Hamachi kama, a suite of sashimi, and their Black Pearl Signature Roll was definitely overkill on my sushi crave. I should definitely go here in person.

OMG, McDonald's

McDonald’s WTF, seriously?!

I had to put this here because it’s my first Big Mac in ages! This time, I made it awesome. Was alcohol involved in this decision making process? Of course!

Cafe Orlin Brunch

Cafe Orlin (repost)
41 St Marks Pl
New York, NY 10003

Yeah, re-post, but c’mon it’s two poached eggs, steak, and new potatoes! This place has yet to disappoint me.

Gotham Pizza for Lunch

Gotham Pizza
1443 York Ave
Manhattan, NY 10075

Nothing like a pizza in New York. I added garlic and basil to this sausage and pepperoni combo. I was shocked about how much garlic was on it, but totally excited!

Doesn't Look Lik Much, Right? Pot #1 - Lobster Over Seafood Pot #2 - Beef Over Seafood
Sik Gaek
43rd Avenue and 50th Street
Queens, NY 11104

Two words: LIVE OCTOPUS. A couple other things came out still alive! If you haven’t tried this yet, please do. I wouldn’t go here again for the food, despite the ridiculously overwhelming amount they gave us. Maybe next time we’ll try smaller pots because though it looked promising, it was quite bland.

Fried Soft Shell Crab on Leaves Lamb/Prociutto-wrapped Asparagus Holy NOM: Nutella, Crepes, Gelato.

Oh Mamma mia
1471 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10075

Great little dinner outside. Who can say no to soft shell crab? I can’t. Plus, dessert was so ridiculously good – thanks for the recommendation miss waitress (sorry I don’t remember your name).

Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

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I recently came from a small startup company in Houston where process was non-existent to a significantly large bank where process is king. After speaking with an ex-coworker, I came to an interesting reflection of the two ends of the spectrum. On one end, getting things done was an open field where you could choose etch your own path and very easily gets lost in all the choices. On the other end, getting things done was a pre-paved road with traffic lights, construction sites, and stop signs that get in the way of a predetermined destination. No matter what, my goal was to get to each of the checkpoints and hopefully have a successful deliverable. There has to be a happy medium, but I haven’t found that yet and would love to experience it.

My First “Third”

After four months in my new role, I’m finally working toward a release I understand and have a handle of the architecture and design of the application. I really can’t say much about the details of my job, but I create software for a part of the business of a fund of funds, in particular hedge funds. The business of a hedge fund has caught my attention, but unfortunately I’m not challenged on the technical side as I would like. The challenges touch many aspects of Michael Feathers’ book, Working Effectively with Legacy Code and I have been slowly trying to introduce unit tests to the team. Being a team lead here is definitely a challenging experience when the software and processes are already in place and the people are uncomfortably settled with them.

Wait, so what is a hedge fund? I’ll let the Khan Academy tell you the basics, it’s great!

There are other types of fund strategies that blow my mind. I’m not going to (I actually am not allowed to) get into any stories or details of what some fund managers do, but they really know how to find loopholes opportunities to make a dollar or two or billions, yes with a “B,” for themselves and their investors.

Teaching and guiding the team about best practices keeps me going and even pushed me purchase my first Android app, Read It Later, since there is absolutely ZERO service in the subways! Below are some things I have shared with the team and maybe they’ll interest you. If you’re not a software developer or have no interest in making your code awesome, you have permission to leave.

Derek Greer’s ongoing series on Effective Tests

This is perfect for Unit Test newbs and helps answer, a lot of the “whys.” Often times I get feedback about how long it takes to implement unit tests, but the return is ridonkulous. Unit tests do way more than just exercise your code – by making your code testable, it helps make it way more flexible, contain less dependency, and most of all: awesome.

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Some GoogleTechTalks Videos on Unit Testing

If you hate reading, check out some videos from GoogleTechTalks.
The Clean Code Talks — Unit Testing
The Clean Code Talks — Inheritance, Polymorphism, & Testing

My Goal for This Month

After speaking with my colleague, about improving myself at work, I’m going to try out Pomodoro here at the bank. I’ll use KeepFocused and hopefully I’ll be able to determine where my inefficiencies are from week to week.

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