Hunker Down

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I have been tracking Irene since she was a tropical storm on Monday for no good reason besides the availability of this Hurricane Tracker from – they even have a historical one that dates all the way back to the 1850s!

It’s amazing to see the lack of hurricane experience up here in #NYC, but then again it’s like #Houston and snow. Read: [twitter]

Irene Moving up U.S. East Coast [detail]

I dropped by the Food Emporium nearby and found people buying eggs, milk, meats, fish and tons of other perishable foods. I’m not sure if they have generators at their place or plan on building a fire, but if the power goes out they’re screwed. I’m on the Upper East Side and they probably have gas lines in their place, but what about the fridge? Oh well. Maybe they’ll learn their lesson.

Interesting how my “emergency hurricane food list” looks exactly like my “junk food list” – beer, chips, pretzels, cheese dip and hot salsa. [twitter]

I Should be Just Fine

I’m where the cross hairs meet, so I’ll be just fine. I also happen to be right next to an Evacuation center – Hunter College.

My Weekend Activities

I’m taking advantage of this to try out cold-brew coffee, which should actually be called room-temperature-brew coffee. I initially imagined the same thing, but in the fridge and thought – DAMN, that’s going to take a long time. If power goes out (I really hope it doesn’t!), I’ll resort to an origami my brother and have had since 1994 or maybe even take my camera out for walk. Either way, I’ll read continue reading Hunger Games.

Rita – September 17, 2005 | Ike – August 31, 2008 | Irene – August 27, 2011

Two More Texas Trips

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Austin (July 22-24)

Flying out Friday evening from New York is the worst decision ever. There’s always a delay. I had a stop in Atlanta and we sat on the tarmac for a good 30 minutes! I missed my connection to Houston by 5 minutes. Good thing Delta set me up at a hotel (unlike AirTran) and I got the first flight out. Just in time for tubing!
Magnificent Barbecue
Franklin Just Moved Nearby Franklin Barbecue is really good barbecue. Despite the long wait in the heat (well worth it!), this place is freaking awesome: no plates and right on butcher paper, bottles of their sauces right on the table, and they even sell Shiner. It leaves that Dallas BBQ crap up here in New York look like fast food. Not just that, Dallas is definitely not a place where you get barbecue in Texas – that’s reserved for Austin, Houston, and surrounding the towns.

Houston (August 13-17)

After all these crazy Friday evening flights, I decided to take the first direct flight back to Houston on Saturday at 5:45 am EDT! I could not have made a better choice. The lines are noticeably shorter, everyone is still waking up and it’s quiet, and I even got bumped to first class! It’s awesome to be a Continental OnePass Silver Elite, even if I’m at the bottom of the top tier, hehe.
First Class Breakfast of Champions

Manhattan from Above We also got a glimpse of the sunrise and overlooking Manhattan was amazing. I didn’t realize how green and lush Central Park was until flying over it. It takes up a very large portion of Manhattan and so glad I’m on a few blocks away. I tried finding my apartment building, but that was just a lost cause. The rest of the flight was great and I made it back in Houston ten minutes before schedule, awesome.

My brother was supposed to pick me up, but something told me he forgot or just didn’t wake up – I landed around 8:20 am! Sure enough, he woke up to pick me up and we went to get some good old Shipley Donuts! And if you’re wondering, yes I had two breakfasts.
Right Out of the Oven
Before and After Kolaches It was great being back in Houston again, but I need to try and stay in New York a little more often. I just realized that I think I spent more weekends away from New York than staying to go to Central Park which is just a few blocks away. I think I have the travel bug.

Some of you may know this already, but that Monday, August 15, 2011 was my first day at FyrSoft! I left JPMorgan – Asset Management that Friday, but still working with them part time as we’re trying to find someone to transition into my position. If you’re looking (or know someone who is) for a Team Lead/Software development job up here in NYC, with the the Hedge Funds group, please let me know!

Family Vacation – Vancouver

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There’s not really much to say…except for the fact that it was freaking awesome. Enjoy the pictures!


We try to have at least one family trip a year and this one was very different. My parents and my brother flew to Seattle from Houston, while I flew from New York. We then we all drove up to Vancouver. I ended up flying out of Vancouver while they all went back to Seattle to get back home.

Family Fun

Walking Around the Park Waiting for Our Food My Mom Pouring Me a Beer A Happy Dad Learning to Hold the Camera Aw Man, I Wasn't Ready My Parents Are Awesome Nguyens, All In a Row The Walk Isn't So Bad


You should by now that I love food.

What an Awesome Poached Egg! So Delicious Bim Bim Bap Awesome Ramen BEEEEF! What a Fancy Cappuccino Yumm, Korean BBQ Yumm, Korean BBQ Fresh Dumplings


A short distance away, we found ourselves surrounded by nature.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Crossing Bridge 1300 Year Old Douglas Fir So Do You Yield, or Do They? Bridge From Afar Find the Banana Slug

My Parents Are the Best

What Spooked My Mom?

Where am I?

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