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Another Fun Ride Along Summer Streets

Since I moved to New York late January of 2011, I have always said I would get a bicycle. Laziness, research, procrastination, uncertainty, and the fear of riding on the streets of NYC have all deterred me…until now. I would like to introduce all of you to Contessa. She’s a State Bicycle – Contender and I have had her for about a month now.

My first bike ride around Central Park changed my life. I didn’t really think I would stay in New York much longer, but this bicycle has completely rebooted my future with this city. Since I’m only a few avenues away from Central Park, it’s easy to take a ride. I’ve taken a whole new view and loving every pedal of it.

I have even taken this bike from my place to East Village, West Side, up/down Park Avenue, but I still need to take it on the West Side Highway, over a few bridges (Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Queensboro, and George Washington Bridge), and around some other islands (Governors Island, Roosevelt Island, and Randalls Island).

Personal Records

I have been timing myself using Strava and today’s ride was quite significant – I have a few new personal records:

  1. Central Park Full Loop: 23:34
  2. The “ACTUAL” Harlem Hill: 1:54
  3. Fastest speed: 65.7km/h (~40.82 mph)

After just a month, I have been able to shave off:

  1. Central Park Full Loop: 1:50
  2. The “ACTUAL” Harlem Hill: 46 seconds

Just to be clear, all these are based on Strava’s calculations with my phone in my pocket, so I’m sure there are a few discrepancies. Either way, I’m having tons of fun with this bike and most importantly – I’m working out again. Feels fucking great.

Shout out to Shey for assisting in the bicycle purchase.

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