An Extended Las Vegas

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I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by. Cliche? Yeah, but I noticed this because I checked out the last date of my last post – almost three months ago! I’m going to update these gaps based on my Flickr Photostream and whatever I can dig up from my memory for the next few days.

Huge Accomplishment at Work

After finishing a huge project for work, our company took a few of us to the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) in Las Vegas way back in April. This time, I only went to celebrate the project I completed and met up with the rest of the team for some well deserved celebration.

First Night, Celebration!

This first meal was at Ri-Ra with Kevin and Kelly. A feast of Irish comfort foods, a few beers, and some Bushmills Irish Honey. I found out that I’m a fan of whiskey, burbon, and especially scotch. A few hours later, I found myself at the celebratory team dinner was at the Public House where I enjoyed a ridiculously awesome short rib from Public House. It’s also where I got my official team hat! After a bunch of beers, chatting, and eating, I surprisingly made it back to my room by myself.

Ri-ra, For an Irish Dinner! Second Dinner: Short Rib, No Bones Honeybadger Don't Give a Fuck

Day Two, More Food

The second night was dinner with a mix of mix friends and coworkers at Public House again. This time, we ordered a bunch of things for all of us to try out. My favorite was my bone in filet and the bone marrow definitely came in a close second. For lunch, I took myself to Table 10 and ordered up way too much food, but definitely worth it. Later on that day, a few of the FyrSoft team joined at Trattoria.

Public House, Round 2 Lunch at Table 10 Swordfish Picatta at Trattoria

Unexpected Third Day

I woke up and took off to the airport. Right when they announced that my flight was boarding, my phone rang. It was my boss and he wanted me to stay an extra day in order to meet up with a client to review a a potential project for me. Any way, long story short – I got to spend an extra day in Vegas and most importantly, I made my way back to Postrio!

Oysters at Postrio Crab Cakes Reunion Crab Asparagus Soup, the Conversation Starter!

2012 First Quarter Report

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Yeah, I’ve been gone for a while and a lot has happened! I’ll need another update for the pictures I have yet to add with all the food that are still sitting in a folder.

Lack of Snow in New York

This year’s winter season was abysmal. I was hoping for more snowboarding trips!

First Snow of 2012 Kind of Weird Seeing the Lake Iced Over Ice Skating at the Park Central Park Was Pretty Empty

Giants Won the Superbowl!

I’m so proud of the Texans making it so far! Since the Giants won, I decided to check out the parade. It was nuts.

Letter and Legal Paper, Not Ticker-Tape Just After the Parade You've Got to be Kidding Me Greatest Giants Fan Ever! Canyon of Heroes, aka This Part of Broadway Both Signs Need Design Help Dancing in the Middle of Broadway I Want Rollerblades Too!

Snowboarding at Hunter Mountain

OUCH, talk about being scared of ice. I had one really hard fall that convinced me I needed wrist guards. After the first night, it snowed a bit, so the second day wasn’t as horrible. Afterward, we went to So Kong Dong Restaurant for some amazing tofu.

Not Much Snow, But Lots of Fun Post Snowboarding Warm Down This Snow Made It Hurt Less Post Snowboarding Dinner

Rockets at the Nets

We came, we saw, we conquered. There were a bunch of Rockets fans at the game, too. Man, I need to brush up on our team. I barely know anyone now!

Go Rockets!

Elizabeth, Her Sister and Husband Visited

First of all, these are really good people. Thanks for visiting and everything! I really hope y’all had a good time here.

Balthazar Bar Steak with Fries! 6 Month Anniversary, OWS Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue Saint Patrick's Day North Pool and Museum 9/11 Memorial Bike Gift of Battalion Chief Brian O'Flaherty Doing Saint Patrick's Day Right! Perfect, Right In Front of Me Massive Lobster, NOM NOM NOM My Barista These Crazy Kids

Snowboarding at Snowbird and Park City, Utah

This was our first time in Utah (at least for me) and Ben has had a five year hiatus from snowboarding. Three days of fun – Snowbird, Park City night time, and another day at Snowbird. I couldn’t really thing of any food that’s specific to Utah, but there are some gems. The burger was my favorite – habaneros!

Mesa Verde, Not So Good Gorgeous Day in SLC Can't Say No to Pork Belly Yeah, with a Fried Egg on Top How to Start the Day First Blue of the Trip These Goggles are Awesome! "I'd Rather be Playing BF3..." This is How Ben Greets Birds Korean BBQ Kim Chi Tofu Soup Still Boiling On the Way to Park City Night Boarding in Park City Ring of Fire at Lucky 13 Look Ma, No HandsPeering Down the Valley

Final Destination: Lisbon

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Funchal | New Year’s Fireworks | Porto | Caramulo | Lisbon

Off to Lisbon We Go!
4 January 2012

Sarah drove us downhill and into Lisbon. We stopped at at gas station rest area for food and map up the Avis location and hotel area. Each of us had a dish of the beef and some coffee. Beef you say? Hell yes, at a gas station!

Bitoque at a Gas Station?!

Baixa House 1 is freaking awesome!!! Ben and Natalie returned the car at the airport while Sarah and I were left to scout for places to eat. We rested for a bit and then made our way around the area – we found a McDonalds! They got back and we enjoyed a feast of junk food. Fucking Americans!

Freaking Poser Tada!

Belem for the Day
5 January 2012

I immediately realized I left my GoPro in the car when they left to return the car. I tried to call Avis about nine times, but they didn’t pick up and they were closing soon. About six in the morning, Ben and I took a taxi back to the airport. Thank goodness they haven’t cleaned and re-rented the car. Bed time again, crisis averted.

All of us woke up around noon, had breakfast and coffee, and took a cab to Belem.

Monastery of the Hieronymites

This monastery was huge! With all of our technology and advancement in architecture, our generation won’t leave anything like this behind except for skyscrapers – no attention to detail.

Find the Shady PersonAcross the Courtyard Arches and Stained Glass Extensively Intricate Columns Admiring the Marvel Stop Playing Around Mini Flying Buttresses Aziz is Doing a Great Job

The Coach Museum

While walking around, we found this little place. I wish I had another piece of bread since they added a ton of meat. Adding piri-piri made it even more delicious. As for the Coach Museum, it’s not what you think – no purses or bags here. This place had some really extravagant coaches. I mean, c’mon – one of them was painted gold.

Pao Pao Queijo Queijo It'a Coach Museum! Belts Used as Suspension Ballin' Out of Control

Walking Toward the Water

As we got closer to the water, the sun was setting. So what did we do? Grab a beer and watch the sunset on the river. We caught a ferry to visit another place, but after walking around for about ten minutes, we immediately went back to Lisboa.

Belem Place Guess What This is Used For See You Later, Sun! 25th of April Bridge

Seafood Dinner

Dinner was at the highly anticipated seafood restaurant, but it wasn’t amazing as we thought. It’s good, but the service was horrible and the waiter seemed like he didn’t give a shit. Oh well, it’s seafood – NOM. Afterward, we went home to rest and played a game of spades – Ben/Sarah lost to Tom/Natalie. Great game, but time for bed an early rise to go gorging tomorrow!

Giant Grilled Prawns Portugese Seafood Soup More Graffiti What the Hell Are They Doing?

A Day of Repelling
6 January 2012

This is ridiculous. Everyone should go sometime in their lives. We had a total of three sessions of repelling, each got a little more difficult, higher, and more fun! Afterward, we stopped by to try some torta de azeitao.

Pit Stop for the View We're Going to that Beach SAM-CAM.COM Ben Crawling Out the Crevice Picture Time! It's the Beach! Photo Op Tortas de Azeitao

Dinner at Alfondega

I debated whether to color correct these, but the lighting was just too much. Anyway, the food here was really different than what I expected. Appetizers were awesome and the burger I was looking forward to having wasn’t of ground beef as I know it. It was a really weird texture I can’t even explain. Afterward, we ended up at the casino. Nothing like Vegas – quite depressing actually.

Alfondega Mushroom Tops Quail Eggs and Sausage Burger with and Egg!

Another Day in Lisbon
7 January 2012

Once again, we all woke up around noon and had lunch outside in a little cafe out on the street. I was really glad to have rice again, but I wish they gave us more chicken per plate. Afterward, we did some wandering around the places nearby and

Streets of Lisbon Caution, Under Construction Postcards for Tourists A Tourist Shopping Chicken and Rice Vegetables and Rice I Hate Pigeons

Wandering Around the Santa Justa Elevator

Santa Justa Elevator Roof Top of the Elevator Carmo Archaeological Museum The Cliche Picture City Down Below Moonlit Sky Don't Make Me Laugh He Just Looks Innocent We Found the Hipster Band A Bunch of Hipster Kids Confeitaria Nacional Quick Night Snack

Texans Watch Party – Portugal!

It started with four Super Bock 40s and a bunch of chips at the apartment. Around half-time, we left to get some food and returned to find that we reached our Internet capacity. Good thing we found some Internet to borrow out in the hallway to catch the rest of the game!

Super Bock Tap at McDonald's Groceries at McDonald's Half Time Break Borrowing Internet in the Hallway

Portugal Trip

Time to go Home
8 January 2012

Ben was the first to get to the airport, then it was my turn. On the plane, I sat next up an older man and the lady in front leaned back, he freaked out and motioned her to move up. The lady in front rolled her eyes and under said, “oh, thanks is going to bee a fun flight.” Initially, he only spoke in Italian. Frustrated, I showed him how to lean his chair back, but he still wasn’t happy. Grumpy old man.

The taxi ride back was $70. I’ll avoid EWR flights from now on.

Funchal | New Year’s Fireworks | Porto | Caramulo | Lisbon

Rally Point in Caramulo

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Funchal | New Year’s Fireworks | Porto | Caramulo | Lisbon

4 January 2012

We stayed up pretty late playing Spades, eating more shoe string fries, and planned to wake up early to catch the sunrise. Everyone made it except for Sarah, hehe.

Dawn at Caramulo

And check out this little video, Sarah since you missed out.

After going back to bed again, we ended up waking up pretty late in the afternoon, just enough time to check out the Museum across the street from the hotel. We weren’t allowed to take pictures, so I took a whole video tour of the place, lol. Just as we were leaving, they ensured we visited another car garage filled with classic cars. Once every year, they take these cars out for a drive.

Freaking Awesome Classic Alfa Romeo Classic...I Have No Idea Old War Vehicles Monster Rolls Royce Tiny Little Fiat Never Heard of Wolseley

After some more walking around, we tried to find a restaurant to grab a quick dinner before heading to Lisbon. I was starving.

Funchal | New Year’s Fireworks | Porto | Caramulo | Lisbon

Pit Stop in Porto

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Funchal | New Year’s Fireworks | Porto | Caramulo | Lisbon

Last Dinner in Funchal

After dinner, we had dinner. Yes, I’m serious. We had two dinners in a row. Definitely great, but also quite filling. Then we were off to the airport to catch a 2:15 flight, in the morning!

Dinner at Riso Olives, Rice Crispies, and Pate My Riso Dish And Our Dessert!

Psh, I Was in Porto Last Year…
2 January 2012

Livin’ Like Tom Hanks for a Bit

We arrived so early, we had to wait for the shops to open in order to get a SIM card and locks for Syp’s bags to leave them at the airport while we wandered around the city.

Whale Tail at the Airport Stars In the Coffee!

We dropped off our bags at Tiago and Ana’s place and they were so kind to make us coffee and showed us some hot spots to check out. After some relaxing, we headed to the “big” city. We were really just wandering around as we made our way to lunch.

Walking Around  Porto High Five that Angel! Tiled Church Is Amazing Who is That in the Window?
Another Old Tall Structure Sarah Was Here Busy Streets of Porto

Francesinha for Lunch

Cafe Santiago had francesinha and even what looked like homemade piri-piri. It was amazing! It’s all the crazy delicious things all in one dish. When we’re on vacation, health isn’t on our minds.

Piri Piri, aka Hot Sauce Francesinha Deliciousness

What a Feast for Dinner

After saying farewell to Syp, Sarah, Ben, and Natalie all passed out. I couldn’t sleep, so I ended up watching some show about NASA. It was way too cold and their space heater didn’t work as well since there was a draft from the single pane windows. They did have a ton of blankets for us to layer though! We had dinner at Abadia and what a feast it was!

Mussels and Prawns "Abadia" Veal Chop "Tripas a moda do Porto", Stew Ox Sirloin Cutlets with Bacon "Gomes de Sa", Cod Dish

Late Start and We’re Off to Caramulo
3 January 2012

We didn’t wake up until 15:00, so we wandered to look for a rental car place. Maps here suck. After finally finding an Avis and getting a car, we headed back to Tiago and Ana’s place. One thing I noticed is that Santa uses a ladder to get in the house, not through the chimney, HILARIOUS! Graffiti there also abundant – some political, some for art’s sake, and definitely funny ones.

Santa On a Rope Ladder Towering Building in the Distant Another Grand Old Building Compounded Graffiti

Last Dinner in Porto

Since many restaurants don’t reopen for dinner until 19:30, we found a small cafe to rest at and grabbed some snacks. We were the first ones in the restaurant. It’s kind of weird and definitely shows how hard we Americans work – often seldom taking a break to relax, sigh.

First to Arrive at the Restaurant This Wine Has Karacter Whoa, Where's Sarah?

Time for a Drive

Even though we had another night in Porto planned through AirBnB, we packed up and made our way over to Caramulo. Check out this comically small chair.

Sarah in a Small Chair Ben in a Small Chair Our Room in Tiago and Ana's Place

What a Night Sky

Since we were in the middle of nowhere, the sky was filled with visible stars! We had to stop through the narrow zig-zagging streets in order to take a look. We overlooked a valley filled with lights and definitely made plans to wake up early to catch the sunrise.

Never Seen Orion Like This Before Hello, Caramulo!

Funchal | New Year’s Fireworks | Porto | Caramulo | Lisbon

    • Thank you EVERYONE for such a great time!
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