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These detailed restaurant posts are overwhelming me, so I will highlight a few I have visited for the first time that make me happy.

One thing I have realized since moving up here is that the level of spicy that the New York restaurant can handle is way below par when comparing it to Houston. When I ask for spicy in Houston, I’m ready to grab my water. When I order spicy here, in New York, I get the normal heat…BOO!

Shanghai Cafe is great place for soup dumplings. Sometimes there’s a wait, but take a number, go walk around Chinatown for a bit and come back. Be sure to order some stuff that looks interesting and something you never had before. If not, have a friend do it for you, they ordered the sticky rice and lo mein beef which turned out very different than what I expected – very delicious.

Virgil’s Real Barbeque isn’t too bad. Their train wreck fries are a great start and my two meat combo was pretty good, even to this Houston-born-and-raised boy. I must say though, this is decent bbq for New York.

Everyone from Houston, including myself have knocked on BBQ here. C’mon one place is called Dallas BBQ, what an oxymoron! If you have BBQ in Texas, you have to go to Austin or Houston! It’s like going to a Mexican restaurant and trying to order a really good caipirinha – FOOLS!

Gemma at the Bowery Hotel was definitely cozy place after walking in the cold and windy streets. Their assorted cheeses and meats was great start. My Salmone Alla Griglia (grilled organic Scottish salmon with sauteed escarole and cannellini) was completely satisfying.

Peking Duck House was kind of far and felt even more distant walking in the rain and cold. After a long day working on a Saturday, I was ready to fix myself up with food. We had the Peking duck made three ways – regular sliced roast, soup, and something else I can’t remember. If you like duck, you must go here, plus it was pretty inexpensive.

Another Saturday Brunch
Cafe D’Alsace was a surprising find. They had a really decorated bloody mary, but after removing the lemon and lime slices, it was more manageable. It was a great day to sit outside and enjoy my hangar steak and poached eggs. I even got a side of bacon for myself. Indulgence is bliss.

Wonjo is a nice place for Korean BBQ, especially because they use wooden charcoal. They come out on two metal trays and the person bringing them out only use a pair of tongs to put them in place. I’m sure they’re pros, but it still freaks me out. They cook the meats for you and hate it when you try to flip them yourself. Drop in a few cloves of garlic and slices of jalapenos to enjoy them with an extra kick.

Shake Shack Overload
Shake Shack serves beer, too! Crazy huh? I got their Shack Stack – cheeseburger and a ‘shroom Burger topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce. I saw cheese fries, so you know I also had to have a side of that. I’m not a really big fan of really sweet stuff, so I didn’t get their shakes, but I’m told they’re really awesome.


While Joseph and his cousins were in town, we went to a baseball game. Not just any game, Astros at the Mets! We were already ahead two games and ready to sweep, but as a true Houston team, we lost the game, 1-9. At first, we went to check out the upper deck view and it’s quite amazing. In just over one inning before we decided to get out of the freezing cold, get our food and find our actual seats. It didn’t help much – we still ended up in the cold and windy area.

After finishing Round 1, we headed down to walk around and just hopped in some section that seemed quite nice and warm. It took us a little while to realize that we were in a restricted area, but we were so cold, we decided to stay. That’s when we found the jackpot: spicy italian sausage! It was nice view of the game, but seeing the Astros get crushed made me sad.

I feasted on…

  • Round 1
    • Decked out hotdog with onions, fresh jalapenos, ketchup, mustard, and even corn
    • roasted peanuts
    • beer
  • Round 2
    • hot spicy italian sausage, also decked out with onions, fresh jalapenos, ketchup, mustard, and corn
    • beer

Citi Field

Hunter Pence! Upper Deck View Perfect Sunset Standing Area in the Restricted Section View into the Command Center Italian Sausage in Restricted Section Freezing Section 420 Farewell, Citi Field

Delicious Pizza!
After the game, we made our way to a pizza place, John’s of Bleecker (they call them pies up here, I hate that). The pizza here is pretty good, but next time I’ll probably add more meats to it. After two slices for each of us, we were ready to go walk around a little more.

After some walking around, we all had a craving for some cookies, so we went to Insomnia Cookies. They have the best and freshest cookies ever! I obviously had to get some milk and enjoyed my double chocolate chunk and white chocolate macadamia nut.


Giant Yellow Teddy Bear!
I saw a posting about this on Laughing Squid and went to go check it out after work. This thing is ginormous!

Along the way, a Borders was selling, literally everything for $1.99 or less, so you know I had to stop by! I bought three.

Lol, They're Not Hotcakes
Funny enough, there were a few book racks that had Glenn Beck’s book, “Broke,” fully stocked. Almost every other shelf was empty or filled with books with no relationship or had an uninteresting title and cover. I think I spent a good hour and a half here just digging around.

As much as I love my Kindle, there will never* be sales like this. The world digital everything will definitely change the model of sales. Liquidating for bankruptcy can’t occur online, that’s an idea I can wrap my brain around just yet.

*never is a strong word, maybe this will change over time… – Double Click a Word, Try It.

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I just read a short article on 43 Folders and wanted to read the full article. As I was reading, I came across a familiar word, but did not really remember the full meaning, so I wanted to look it up. I scrolled over and double clicked “dilettante“. BAM a window pops up and I think it’s another annoying advertisement. I glance over and there is a full definition of the word! Nothing but awesome, so I had to post it ASAP.

I tried clicking other words, small ones long ones, people, places, everything I could think of, but find almost everything. The coolest feature is the query does not just search the word, but instead the context the word is used. For example, try clicking on “LONDON” at the very beginning. FAILED! But it’s okay. It is only returning what it was told to query on.

I wish some other websites like and other development websites had something similar to this, but instead pointing to API/SDK documentation and stuff.

Some Pet Peeves.

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1. “Can I ask you a question?”
-Just ask it.

2. Out of nowhere, asking a question without any context or hint about what you’re talking about. “How you implement it on the one report you did a while back?”
-Clarify, we’re not on the same page as you.

3. Calling me on my cell phone and asking, “Who is this?”
-You called me, tell me who you are.

4. When a neighbor stares at you while jogging, you wave and say hello, and they do nothing, but continue to stare.
-I said “Hello.” It’s common courtesy to respond. …Or am I just that awesome that I make you speechless?

5. Trying to Ghant chart a project with a Waterfall mentality for an Agile project.

6. Just enough coffee in the coffee pot to not make more, but not enough for one full cup of coffee.
-Quit being lazy, make another pot.

7. “I get it” with a nod, but you really don’t get it.
-Ask a question, don’t go off for two hours trying something with no success that could have been answered in two minutes.

8. Estimating/Planning for a year long project with no contingency and not adjusting it…EVER.
Murphy’s Law is always in play. Revisit the estimation/plan if something slips, might slip, or could slip because in the end, it will.

9. Some sorting algorithms: 1, 10, 11, 2, 20, 21, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
-Have we not evolved the sorting algorithm to understand that 2 comes after 1?

10. The fact that freezers don’t have a light.
-Thanks, James. You inspired this post. Haha…

Hi, I’m Thomas Nguyen.

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My Cube. I’m finally an official employee at JPMC: I have a name tag! Why put it in front of me? So I can gaze at it in awe and it might help me with creativity and inspire me with something. HAHAHA…

FYI: The monitor on the left is for a box under the table. The monitor on the right is extended for the laptop. I’m using Synergy to make it seamless! I need a docking station, sigh.

On another note: Need a car?

Who Said Corporate America Isn’t Fun?

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Herd Them Cows! We do college recruiting at the IBTech: Baylor, Rice, UH (GO COOGS!), UT-Austin, and A&M. We’ve run low on cows and reordered a new box, full of them. Some one found our stash and raided it: look what they did to their manager’s office. AWESOME, haha.

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