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We had a our monthly meeting today and had the opportunity to talk with Barry Adams, our current President and CEO of the HAO. We discussed many changes the University has taken to move UH to a Tier 1 school and Barry has joined us to help the efforts with the HAO constituent groups, like us, the NSM Alumni Association (NSMAA). A few questions came up around the room and I wanted to get some feedback from who ever reads this post.

1. Have you even heard about at the HAO?
2. Are a member of the HAO? If not, why?
3. Are you interested in joining and participating? If not, why?

Here are my answers…

1. Not at all until I went to a CougarCS meeting to talk about the RoboCode competition at JPMorganChase. Here, Danny introduced us to the NSMAA scholarships given out each year. This year alone, we gave over $50,000 distributed equally among the colleges of the NSM.
2. I paid for a one-year membership after my first year membership was up. I just recently signed up myself for a lifetime membership.
3. I was interested the instant I joined a board meeting. I’ve been the Treasurer for about a year and this is what prompted me to give something back to UH. Besides, I am where I because I’m went to UH.

UH’s NSMAA Event.

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UH = University of Houston
NSMAA = Natural Science and Mathematics Alumni Association

Who: NSMAA and friends.
What: “Gathering of Friends”
Where: Haak Winery (map)
When: October 13, 2007
Why: Just go, meet friends, alumni…and get to know about wine.

The speaker is Ioanni A. Kakadiaris on the subject, “The Ticking Time Bomb”. The ticket price will be $20 per person.

C-USA Champions!

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As you know so far, we’ve been going a ton of UH games. Yesterday was by far THE best. Again…we rushed the field!!! Pictures coming soon.


Sorry for the delay…

GO UH!!! Liberty Bowl, Here We Come! C-USA CHAMPS!

Good Sports Weekend Again.

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Cougars kicked Tulsa butt.
Rockets kicked Mavericks butt.
Dynamos kicked Colorado butt.
Too bad Rockets didn’t finish up Sunday’s game against the Hornets, oh well.

We Win!!! Rush The Field, Again. Opening Home Game. Who Put Out The Lights?

By the way, I have a new layout and I’m working on a few things in the lab. Once I get something up and running, it’ll be posted.

First Lab: Google Maps.

The Win, The Rain, and the Rush.

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Big 12, haha…

Yesterday was probably guaranteed to be the BEST college game I’ve EVER been to! OSU at Houston. Vikram, Marie, Long, and Jay (according to Vikram is always “my friend”; dammit Vik, I know Jay! haha) had the best time of our lives.

Rain came down, we rushed the field. What an amazing sight.

FInal Score. Rush the Field VOTF WE WIN!

Our Record: 4-0
The Score: 34-25


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