Six Flags, Volunteering, and UH Football.

This weekend was a BLAST!!! Friday after school we (Joseph, Sophia, Solomon, Sohel, and I) left Houston to go to Dallas and came back to Houston right after we left Six Flags. Sohel lost our 60 daffy dollars, almost lost his keys, and almost lost his mp3 player. Saturday morning I left the house to head to Reliant Park to help volunteer, it was the most fun I’ve had since we (dr. paris, shey, malvin, marie, sohel, and I) got to help out the kids play games on the computer. Later that day, we (vikram, sohel, marie, ben, and I) hit the UH football game and we WON! Stupid Bearkats. Later I whooped up Vik at Cricket and 501 at Gingerman’s.

DSC07761 DSC07768 DSC07777

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