Tom and Rita: Volume 04.

Hurricane Rita is officially dead, and good riddens. One thing I’ve learned from this is that the media loves to indulge us with fantastic and probable events that will cause death, destruction, and chaos. The Weather Channel did the BEST coverage of Rita. They said Rita has the potential of growing stronger AND getting weaker. It gave facts, rather than the “OMG, we’re all going to die” news.

I hope everyone east of Houston and in Beaumont are recovering. They are currently kicking everyone of Beaumont EVEN if they have enough food, water, supplies, and electricity. They are telling residents to leave the city with no where to go. The Ford Park/Arena isn’t even open as a shelter, but it was open for Katrina victims.

IMG_2511 IMG_2529 IMG_2537 IMG_2550 IMG_2551 IMG_2557 IMG_2565 IMG_2577 IMG_2580 IMG_2584 IMG_2590

One thought on “Tom and Rita: Volume 04.

  1. picture whore. imma call u SHEY from now on.

    hows it goin Shey? nice pictures. lets go downtown to take some more!

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