C# and C++.

So I’ve been doing C# for a while. This ACM competition we’re practicing for is AWESOME, but it’s in C++!

C# babys programmers and abstracts the really hardcore stuff away from the users, which is good, but it has version 2.0 coming out and the version 3.0 features are already being published.

C++ doesn’t have a version 2 coming out, so we can all go to http://www.cplusplus.com which won’t be changing in the near future, or even at all, and get all the references we need.

Which to pick? BOTH. You gotta know the both, not one or the other…BOTH: TWO, DOS, DEAUX, HAI, 2, 10!!! Time to open up those old school C++ books.

One thought on “C# and C++.

  1. Let’s find a grad student we can work with 😀

    I’ll bring my C++ books next time.

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