Checkout the *.resx file.

But the only way you’ll be able to do this is if it was checked-in in the first place!

Background: So I checked out the entire ASP.NET/C# solution and related files in the repository and open it. It all seems to be working just fine until I hit an *.aspx code behind page. At first look, the code has syntax higlighting, and as soon as I begin to type “System.” no Intellisense shows up and the entire *.cs page goes to black text, UH OH. Obvious solution, CTRL+Z. More problems, VS throws an unknown error!

Any how, after trying to repair VS.NET, reinstalling it, and finally just creating a new *.aspx page to begin finding the problem, a *.resx file is created. All the *.aspx pages I checked out had NO *.resx files associated with them!

It’s ok, I’ve found a temporary solution, but I’m not sure if it’s safe to do. Please let me know if there is a SAFE way to regenerate the *.resx files!

untitled untitled2
No syntax highlighting?! OMG an unknown VS.NET Error!

One thought on “Checkout the *.resx file.

  1. I know that problem! I even know how to fix it. Woulda’ showed you too, but I didn’t get to come over!

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