Oh Holy T-Shirt.

So a bunch of us went to Slick’s last night, and man 4 hours of FUN! Anyways, when we left to take care of the tab, one guy behind the bar asks me, “Hey are you MCSE certififed?” I respond with, “What?” and then “Nah, man it’s too expensive!” So he offers me a job! I was so confused, but I guess my “Microsoft .NET” t-shirt gave hiim the impression I knew my shit. AHH…the good feelings, but I hope some of my friends who are looking for jobs will get HOOKED UP!

I’m not really a religious person, nor am I close to being a good Catholic, but I’m feeling this passage right about now: MARK 12:41-43.

2 thoughts on “Oh Holy T-Shirt.

  1. First thing…I was never invited…*tears up and starts crying*…Second thing…wow, that’s freaking awesome…Last thing…*now back to crying*

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