Java/Eclipse and METRO.

So I’ve downloaded and installed Eclipse 3.1.2 and JDK (1.)5.0. I’m learning the basics: threads, collections, exceptions, and i/o from the Sun tutorials. What I need is a small project that uses all the above concepts as well as XML (FpML), both reading and writing.

Maybe a RSS reader? (YES, again…) I’m not sure. Let me know if you have some ideas of small project(s) to work on to learn Java/Eclipse.

I’ll also need to learn to use some magic (but have no resources for), like: Hibernate and Swing.

On another note, I just bought a bus pass and I’ll be riding the METRO everyday. Here is some math:

METRO $ per trip $ per day $ per week $ per year $ per month
Normal 3.00 6.00 30.00 1,560.00 130.00
Discount* 2.43 4.86 24.32 1,264.86 105.40

*$75 worth $92.50

MPG 25 30 35
miles/trip 21.6 21.6 21.6
miles/day 43.2 43.2 43.2
gallons/day 1.72 1.44 1.23
$ per gallon 2.18 2.18 2.18
$ per day 3.76 3.13 2.69

Bottom line: I’ll be saving ~$1.27 per day plus all that time NOT driving well spent on book.

P.S. Shawshank Redemption is awesome. “I hope” you find it as good as I do.

3 thoughts on “Java/Eclipse and METRO.

  1. Congratulations and welcome to Super Secret Club of Houston Commuters. You will find that we are peaceful people. Ya I did that same calc and realzied it makes sense to let someone else do the driving.

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