Jury Duty is SO Inefficient.

$6.00 per day…That’s a little below minimum wage, don’t you think? Consider the fact that if you drive to the court house, you have to pay for parking. Yes, you can take the bus/rail for free, but it isn’t as reliable.

Jury Summons: Monday, April 10, 2006 at 12:15 PM.

11:50 AM – I get there. It’s better to be early, I guess.
12:15 PM – They collect first round of summons.
12:30 PM – They collect the last round of summons and close the doors.
-This is where we watch a video on what to do and do the oath thing.
-Then we sit and wait for voir dire.
1:03 PM – They call group one.
1:07 PM – They call group two.
1:31 PM – They call group three.
1:36 PM – Those not called to a room are released, including ME!

Tell that’s the most efficient means of handling things. I’d rather be working than putting up with this non-sense.

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