Project Re-Re-Released for UAT!

No, that’s not stuttering. That’s SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), bureaucracy and paperwork getting in the way.

Thursday: Original UAT (user acceptance testing) release date.
-6 AM CST: planned release (noon London)
-7 AM CST: I get into work, late
-9:30 AM CST London gets the password to the UAT box (mstsc)
-Attempts to package (compile code) project fails due to dev/UAT environment inconsistencies.
-Make changes to property files, label new code, submit change request, etc.
-11:00 AM CST: London team leaves, it’s 5:00 PM London time.
-We’re stuck. We can’t do anything because we have no access to the UAT box…AWESOME.

Friday: Pushed UAT release date.
-7 AM CST: planned release (1 London)
-10 AM CST: London team gets new password to UAT box
-Attempts to package success!
-Configuration on application server has not been done, we put in a change request. Again, delays.
-I requested to have developement setup EXACTLY like UAT (should have been that way in the first place).
-11 AM they leave, we’re stuck.
-3 PM CST I stay configure, deploy and test it, DONE. Documentation, DONE. Test Results DONE.
-I must stay to prove everything is in place for UAT.
-8:30 PM CST I leave the office. Paired Programming? Paired Proving.

Today, Monday: Final UAT release date.
-7AM CST: planned UAT release.
-7:15 AM CST: I get in at, late.
-10 AM CST: Passwords get setup
-Everything works perfectly.

All this hassle for configuration changes and hoops to go through. All the processes are required, but it does make developement to deployment sluggish.

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