Project BBOM, Part 3?

After the migration of my first project, I have become the owner of the mess, awesome. I’m trying to convince the manager to let me scrap it and rewrite it.

I’m currently fixing a bug that has been there for…ever. Here’s what I run into trying to find the source of the bug.

[ASP Page] 805 lines; last updated in 2003! lol.

[lines 105-112]
If (isempty(postavailable)) then
     postavailable = “true”
End if

If (postavailable = “true”) then
     postavailable = true
     postavailable = false
End If

[randomly spread through the code, more than 50 times]
If (postavailable) then
     //set variable to a value, each time a different variable…
     //set a variable to ” “
End If

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