Production Release ETA: TBA.

To fully release a project, it takes…

[Development Environment] – Less than ten minutes
-Developers build and package our EAR (Java and JSPs) and ZIP (ASPs)
-Developers copy it over to the dev box, install and deploy it.

[User Acceptance Test Environment] – Less than one hour
-Developers provide a label (ClearCase) to the “packagers” and they do the packaging
-Windows team stops IIS to allow installation to go through
-“Packagers” install the application
-Windows team starts up IIS again
-WebSphere team then deploys it.

[Production Environment] – Over 12 hours today
-Its all the same as UAT, but for real.

So what happened?
-Two hours to contact the guy who was critical to the release.
-Six hour delay for that guy to come in the office.
-Calling lots of people to fix things that really weren’t broken.
-Verifying WebSphere was not the problem.
-Verifying IIS was not the problem.
-Determined the issue was a plugin for IIS and WebSphere to communicate.
-Found out it really wasn’t an issue, but since it was already “fixed” to leave it that way and just document it.

Once this rewrite is done, everything will then be in done in Houston! We all can’t wait.

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