It’s Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays everyone. Its a good time of year to relax. To fulfill this, today is my last day at work until next year! It’s a little weird to, but I’m a little conflicted with this. The project I’ve always wanted is now in my lap and working on it’s really awesome. I’m a little upset that I’m going on vacation, I REALLY want to keep working on it! Nevertheless, the break will give me time to learn more patterns, OOP, and web development. So hopefully, when I get back, I’ll be prepared to get back on it.

I got my early XMAS gift from flickr!
Anyone who’s cool will help me with my wishlist , haha…

On a side note, get Sohel deodorant for XMAS…
Sohel: i know it stinks in here!
Sohel: cause im the SHIT
Sohel: haha
Sohel: thats great
me: its horrible.
me: b/c you DO stink.
Sohel: cause im the SHit
Sohel: thank u

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