Exclusivity: Awesome Marketing Strategy.

Nowadays, if you’re in the “exclusive” group, you’re cool. It seems like there’s new marketing approach to the way products are being released (maybe its old and I just haven’t noticed). The Internet’s social websites today has allowed this strategy to blossom like crazy.

Step 1: Company has product X coming out. It’s announced at CES or a press event (Macworld or just a press release).
Step 2: Company releases “prototype” product X to limited users.
Step 3: Company says, “don’t show anyone.”
Step 4: Users let others know they have it. While using it, others ask about it and let others know.

Next thing you know, the product that was released to a limited number of people who aren’t supposed to tell anyone…is now known by the world through blogs, YouTube, etc.

What the world has become today…it’s awesome!

Oh yeah, by the way: I was at Flying Saucer for lunch today and Vikram saw some guy with the iPhone. I didn’t believe him, but he DID have it! It’s a SICK phone product. He happens to be a Cingular representative, therefore beta-testing the iPhone. He suggested us to wait until next year to get it. That’s when the iPhone will be on the 3G, instead of the slower 2G. Anyone hear anything about this?

***If he really is a beta tester and finds a HUGE bug, what will Apple do? I highly doubt its beta testing…it’s Exclusivity!

One thought on “Exclusivity: Awesome Marketing Strategy.

  1. A lot of the cell phones companies started a little early with this type of marketting. Sprint , Nokia etc have been contacting high profile bloggers, asking them to test out their new products and maybe post about them.

    This could very well be Cingulars version of the Sprint Ambassador Program

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