First Week on the Job.

Everyone has been asking, “Tom, so what do you do now?” and I have been giving generic answers like: “creating tools to drive our business” and “security, policy, and operation solutions” and those answers suck. Here goes an attempt, with links and product names…

One of our products we provide solutions for is Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager, aka “SCCM.”

“System Center Configuration Manager 2007 is the next version of Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003. Configuration Manager 2007 contributes to a more effective IT department by enabling secure and scalable operating system and application deployment and desired configuration management, enhancing system security, and providing comprehensive asset management of servers, desktops, and mobile devices.”

Inside this product, is a feature called Desired Configuration Manager, aka “DCM.”

“Desired Configuration Management (DCM) is a feature in System Center Configuration Manager. With DCM, utilize Microsoft and third party best practice configuration knowledge to improve configuration definition and maintenance. Find the software you need to define configurations for your Microsoft and third party applications with Configuration Manager 2007.”

So my role in all this is to help create the DCM Packs. If you see any vendor link with Secure Vantage“…that’s us!

So now that I have explained what I work with, here is what I do.
1) Creating tools and solutions to help drive the business. (I can’t think of anything else to say…)
2) Setup internal environment and processes to control source code.
3) Learning Powershell. Yes, it is part of the job…learning.

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