Reading Material: Writing Secure Code.

Shey asked me today, “how many books have u read in the last 4 months/” and well, I suck. I re-read Catcher in the Rye, but it’s not technical. It helps me go to bed, really. I have been glancing at Wrox’s C# 2008 as well, but not really reading it in depth like I should.

Today, I also realized that I didn’t actually read Writing Secure Code. I thought read it, but in reality, it took me forever to read Code Complete. I thought I read both. C’mon they almost look the SAME!

I’ll start reading chapter one from Writing Secure Code tonight and hopefully one chapter a night until I’m done. I’m hoping I can finish before I head over to he Kaizen Conference at the end of this month. I got my official invitation about two weeks ago, WHOOT!

P.S. If anyone knows whether we can recommend a friend to get an invitation, please let me know. I want Garo to go with us…NERD Power Hour FTW!

One thought on “Reading Material: Writing Secure Code.

  1. so what’s on your reading list? Here’s my wish list:

    *Refactoring by Martin Fowler
    *Working Effectively With Legacy Code
    *Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices By Robert Martin
    *Behind Closed Doors by Johanna Rothman and Esther

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