Weekend: Chopin in Paris

A while ago, the Housonist posted something that caught my eye: Da Camera of Houston presents Chopin in Paris. I immediately emailed Katie in hopes of grabbing up a pair of tickets. She let me know that they would be at the box office, yay! Jenny and I arrived a little early, picked up the tickets and ended up going to dinner right across the street first. If you haven’t been to Mingalone, you should. It’s a really nice place for a lunch/dinner before the show. They have a “Curtain Call” section for a quick meals so you can make it to the show on time. It’s a bit pricey, but if you got free tickets then the price is offset. THANKS AGAIN, KATIE (Houstonist)!

The show was nice, but I often found it hard to read some of the texts before they disappeared. One part that caught my eye was the “GET DRUNK!” note, but when the French and English mashup/translation/take-turns/whatever voices came on I got really frustrated trying to hear what they were trying to say. Overall, they performance was ok, but maybe it’s just my ignorance with that kind of artistic style. I was hoping for an ensemble of the grand piano and imagery, but instead it was separate and the music reflected the mood of poem afterward.

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  1. Thanks for posting this wrap up!! Always nice to hear first-hand how these events go 🙂

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