I Casted My Ballot.

I wanted to go early, so I left around 6:45 AM to get to the polls. I arrived and the line was crazy long! I figured these were probably the other early birds who wanted to vote before work. I ended up grabbing some coffee and heading back home to get some work done.

So after watching MSNBC’s coverage I was expecting a complete madhouse at my polling location all day long. I drove over there after a quick lunch and pulled into the parking lot. HMPH…lots of signs with names and positions everywhere. There was no line and finding a parking spot was so simple, YAY!

I found a table with a sign: “L-R” (L-M-N, hey that’s me!). I gave them my driver’s license the hunt for the correct NGUYEN begins. The lady almost marked me off for my dad’s name just because we had the same address, ARGH! Oh well, I helped turn five pages to get to the right name and signed my name. I got a card with my precinct number on it (518) and I walked over to the next table. I got another little ticket with my access code and the gentleman directed me over to booth #3.



I finally casted my ballot and I got the biggest chills I’ve ever had in a long time. I felt great!

Precinct 518.

David showed me this…I got the chills again! Call me a sucker, but I VOTED!

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