Learning Again.

Do you ever find yourself learning only what you need to learn for work?

About a week ago, I found myself at the point where I’m not learning anything new. Don’t get me wrong though: I’m not tired of my job whatsoever. I just want to learn something outside C# and Object Oriented programming like Ruby, Functional Programming, or even learn to play some musical instrument.

Since I’m kind of ADD at times, I need to isolate some time for myself to focus on what I want to learn. So, I’m going to have myself Musical Mondays (piano? guitar hero? haha) and Technical Tuesdays (Ruby).

I spent about an hour to crack open some stuff on Ruby. I tried a few IDEs (RubyMine, Aptana, and directly online), but I wanted to get away from that so I’m using the “fxri” after installing the one-click-installer. I read up on the differences since I come from a C# background. I’ve already completed the quickstart, yay me!

My brother is back in town this weekend, so he should let me use his keyboard for the musical side of me. He never really uses it, so I might will borrow it from him, set it up in my room. My first task is to learn how to read notes and how they’re mapped to the keys. Maybe I’ll be able to identify this “middle-C” everyone talks about by the end of the first lesson. Or maybe I’ll crank up Guitar Hero what-ever-version-we-have on the PS2.

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