FeedBurner Migration Confusion

Some of you may know that Google will end FTP publishing support for Blogger. Well I’ve decided to move to WordPress and to do that, I need to update my FeedBurner’s original source. Sounds easy right?

Here are my assumptions and below are some screenshots that show why I failed:

  • thomasnguyencom[at]gmail.com is my FeedBurner account email address
  • Since I did the migration a while back, it will show up when I look at “My Feeds”

No Feeds?!

  1. After I signed in (via http://feeds.feedburner.com/) using thomasnguyencom[@]gmail.com. As you can see, no feeds show up.
  2. My first choice was to try and migrate my old account, but as you can see I already did this back in the day.
  3. The only other choice I had to do was to add my account again, but no success.
  4. I did some research and found out that my Google-FeedBurner account used the email account associated with my old Feedburner account – contact[at]thomasnguyen.com.
  5. After transferring the account to thomasnguyencom[at]gmail.com, everything is now just fine and dandy.
  6. YAY!

Please note Google, I can only sign in with my contact[at]thomasnguyen.com email for FeedBurner, not GMail, or anything else Google related. It’s a confusing configuration.

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