Las Vegas Visit, I’ve Lost Count.

The Asian Pose.B A T
This was one of the weirdest and most interesting Vegas trips I’ve been on. From an awesome old wise Italian driver (Mike), to a blackjack dealer full of jokes (Peter), and even a waiter who sat with us for coffee (Thuong).

“What’s the secret your marriage” -Ann
“She smooths out the bumps in the road” -Mike, our Italian driver

“I say ‘holy mccow’ because I’m Chinese.
*awkward pause*
If I’m Indian, I saw ‘holy cow’.” -Peter, the blackjack dealer

I would write the whole story, but you just had to be there to get the full effect. I’ll be adding more pictures as I go through them. It’s unfortunate that the Grand Canyon pictures (or any picture really). James put it right in his post about Washington, “I am small and insignificant“.

Hoover Dam Security Zone. Then the Fog Cleared Out! Don't Look Down! A Holy Rock

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