More Friends Visited

Although Elizabeth and Thu have already visited, this time Pak came along to join the fun!

After an interesting evening at the hotel bar, we met up Saturday at Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown for soup dumplings and some other stuff Pak ordered. I was complete stuffed afterward since, as usual, I get to finish what everyone doesn’t eat, NOM! Despite the awesomeness of the food, it was pretty inexpensive, even better! For dessert, we decided to go to Little Itay and tried out more than just a cannoli. Ask Elizabeth why her rasberry sorbet didn’t come in a fruit like our mango and peach sorbets, lol.

Joe's Shanghai for Soup DumplingsCannoli and Fruit Sorbets

Elizabeth and Thu wanted to check out Chelsea Market and Highline Park again, so we took a cab over. We thought some bread and cheese to enjoy at 14th Street Park was a good idea, but I guess we were too full after eating 1/4 a grilled cheese sandwich each. Sitting outside there was a nice rest before making our way to Highline Park. I’m kind of glad we returned since we started from the very beginning and walked all the way to the blocked section – almost ready for a future opening. Maybe it was all the walking around, but we thought it was a good idea to eat, yet again. Did y’all know another Grimaldes just opened up in Limelight Market?

Lucy's Whey or the HighwayEnjoying Grilled Cheese on an Uncomfortable BenchRelaxing at 14th Street ParkPak as a FlamingoThe New Grimaldes

After some rest back at their hotel, we made our way over to Rockefeller for shopping, blah. I walked around H&M for a bit, but then just walked around the area until they were done.

Mystic BackgroundAtlas From AfarRockefeller

I hope y’all had fun during your short stay in New York!

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