Adventures in Boston

Ben was in town and Marie was in Boston, so what’s the most obvious thing to do? Meet up! Ben and I went to Boston via Amtrak – first time on a train in the states! At the last minute, Joseph and Yuwi decided to join us. Something sucky about Boston is that everything literally closes around 1:30 AM. They wouldn’t even let us in to grab drinks! What a joke.

Anyway, I’m tired of typing. Enjoy the pictures!

Changing Font Does Not Replace Punctuation Yeah, There's a Plane A Magical Disappointment Rickety Bridge Yes, More Food! Twin Bloody Marys Not Just a Boiled Crab Mac and Cheese!

The Trio

This is How She Rides a Bike Taste the Fucking Rainbow No, That's not a Penis A BOOKSTORE! Figuring Out What To Do Sweet Little Car See Y'all Later, Ladies Bandits Took Our Engine Our Flawless Train to Boston I'm Buying This New Lens...for my Phone Kaching Kaching - Shut up Delicious Juicy Dumplings!