Farewell, Shuttle Program

I’ve been having the worst luck with travelling this past month. I landed in Orlando around one in the morning after experiencing a three hour delay in LaGuardia. Before that, when travelling to Boston with my brother, train decided pass out and it took about three hours to started up again. And before that, I had to sleep in the Atlanta airport when going home!

Anyway, after Shane and Chi picked me up from the airport, we went straight to Titusville and found an awesome place to chill out. I left my camera battery charger in Houston, but found a neighbor who graciously let me borrow his charger for a few hours.

Shuttles are Scared of the Dark

Dawn is Breaking Through Clouds Coverage is Promising Cloud Coverage is Weary A Hint of Blue Sky Sun is Trying to Push Through

A Few Seconds After Launch
Now You See Me

Here are some references to the Shuttle program found online…

Space Arithmetic: Mercury + Gemini + Apollo = 10 years. Shuttle = 30 years.Neil deGrasse Tyson

xkcd on the Orbiter

Bye Bye Space Program